Why Should You Care about SMO in Start-up?

Why Should You Care about SMO in Start-up?

Some of the key benefits you will get out of Social Media Optimization (SMO) for your business. Image Courtesy – https://www.atechnocrat.com

The increasing popularity of social networks has made a one-way road to go with the social media marketing strategy for your business. Social media is now a recognized platform for business promotions. It is all about having a strong presence on this platform especially when you are just starting up as an entrepreneur.

People who are always reluctant about new business ideas must surrender to the majesty of social networks as this will lead them to the road to success at a blazing fast speed. Like, having an individual profile in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn increases your popularity among your friend networks, the same way it does for your company profile. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits you will get out of Social Media Optimization for your business.

Develop a brand name

Branding, nowadays, is not limited to products. Now, you can make your own brand for the kind of services you provide or you can just stick with building your own company brand. Social media is an integral part of business branding and it is one of the key benefits of social media marketing. Every single business has its own identity, you just need to build your own identity as you surge ahead with a start-up plan. When people like your social posts or share your posts with their friends your business gets more visitors. This is the magic of SMO that works in favor of your business.

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Better rank in Google

Google is the ultimate destination that decides the fate of your website. Therefore, as a business start-up, you first need to make sure that Google approves your site and its legitimacy factor. Now, a well-planned SMO strategy can really help you to get better ranks in Google. When people share your social posts the hummingbird algorithm of Google analyzes the quality of content by evaluating various factors such as the authorship and whether the post is shareable or not. Based on the results, your website gets a higher rank in Google. So, it is really important to take SMO earnestly especially when you are just starting up.

Fetch traffic from SNS

Your website needs traffic, a lot of traffic, in order to stay alive on the web. Google analyzes your site traffic and checks whether the traffic is coming from organic or natural sources. If your company has a strong social presence and you regularly post information regarding or relating to your nature of the business, the posts will be shared by others. Social share carries a lot of weight while Google determines your website’s authenticity. This strategy plays as one of the most effective ‘social media marketing’ tips. As a result, your company webpage will get more traffic each day right from the clicks and shares on your company’s social profile.


The importance of SMO for a business start-up is paramount. It is out there, and your competitors are using SMO for market dominance. You can also use it along with other online business promotion tools such as website affiliation programs, TV commercials, radio promotions, and the list goes on for enhanced visibility.

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