Why Central Government is silent with post GST medicine issue?

Why Central Government is silent with post GST medicine issue?

Why Central Government is silent with post GST medicine issue? Image Courtesy – http://www.thehindubusinessline.com

Customers are still in distress after 20th day of the announcement of GST by the Central Government. A large number of medicines are unavailable in retailer shops due to shortage of stock. Some retailers are unable to produce printed invoice for unavailability of medicine codes defined by the GST.

Whatever be the benefit of the GST announced by the Government of India, the prime sufferers are the common people. Some people are also not getting essential drugs as prescribed by their doctors. Retailers are showing helplessness in this situation, and they are targeting their distributors to play the total responsibility on levying of tax on drugs after the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Retailers denied bills at some medicine shops, as online solicitations are not being created due to non-updated computer systems. Some chemists declared that they were giving ‘kutchha’ bills if their customers request for it. Among shops that sold medicines according to GST rates, numerous issued bills without the GST number, despite the fact that they guaranteed they had enrolled themselves on the system. Medicine wholesalers are on the opinion that the situation will come to a change nearly in the September once the new stocks would be accessible.

One noteworthy issue concerning the non-consistency of the billing system at medicine stores is the absence efficiency to work with the new programming system and move the information according to the new framework. ‘Chemists’ and ‘druggists’ are confronting inconvenience to update the bills and get GST product codes.

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Satisfactory stocks were accessible for the month, and plans are being made to beat the challenges confronted on the ground level by wholesalers and retailers. The affiliation is to lead workshops in the coming week about the utilization of GSTN programming application.

Some medicine retailers said that they did not have any medicine supply for some specific drugs from their wholesalers. They also told that they might have to deny customers for even critical-care drugs if the situation continued for longer period.

What are the steps taken by the central government to solve this issue after announcing the GST Bill? The government should not neglect the issue, because it is directly connected with life-care drugs and human life!

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