Which web hosting plans are suitable for SEO friendly website – unlimited or limited?

Which web Hosting plans are suitable for SEO friendly website – unlimited or limited

Which web hosting plans are suitable for SEO friendly website – unlimited or limited? Image Courtesy – http://www.mokshasolutions.com

To plan or develop your website a good hosting is important, and with which hosting server you have matters a lot. First of all you should think that is it SEO friendly or not? Somebody thinks that web hosting is only related to the price features, i.e. the overall plan of the web hosting company. There are many other factors like Search Engine Optimization. So, always choose a web hosting provider to get the proper rank of your website in the SEO category. It generally comes with Limited and Unlimited plans.

Unlimited web hosting plan means unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth or unlimited data transfer. It means that you can add as much content as you want. Web hosting providers offer unlimited web space, but some restrictions remain there. Hosting providers set that in purpose so that you can use that space. But, sometimes we notice that we are unable to use that space according to our purpose. On the other hand, in limited plans the providers specifically allocate the disk space with restrictions too, but those restrictions are known to us.

If you are unable to get indexed by the Google when you are submitting your website, it is clearly a fault of your website provider. A unique IP address is the core factor to get your website promotion in the Google ranking. People today prefer to choose shared hosting, which means they run their website with a single IP address. The factor is also related to the unlimited and limited plans as well. If you are using a cheap web hosting company to host your site then you will be at risk as they provide unlimited domains with a cheap price and your website will be affected by SEO ranking.

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Virtual shared hosting can cause to your website at risk. Websites, which are in the black list of Google may occupy the same server in which your website is running. So, you are at the risk banning. This case is mostly happen with websites which contain illegal or adult contents. If you are facing such problems, immediately contact to Google to resolve the issue. Some core factors which are important to hire the web hosting company are discussed below:

(i) The web hosting company should be at your service 24*7 hours. Keep 100% uptime of your website

(ii) The hosts should perform maintenance work.

(iii) Go with popular web hosting company which serve the best and host substantially. The unpopular ones can never be easily.

(iv) Some providers give several offers at a cheap price; avoid this type of service provider as you may face problem to run your website in future.

(v) If your website is unable to gain SEO ranking, you will definitely miss a large section of traffic that could be the asset of your website’s popularity.

(vi) If your web hosting company uses same IP address for different domains as it is called virtual shared IP, you may face problem.

(vii) Good web hosting is consolidated with power of processing and quality service.

Domain name selection is also in this category. You should be intelligent and smart to choose this. Keep in mind that a local domain can take its top place in the local based searching, but do not get its peak place at the global zone as there may be many domains that come in a competition with your domain.

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