What is electronic pick pocketing?

What is electronic pick pocketing?

What is electronic pick pocketing? Image Courtesy – http://www.skimguard.co.uk

With the advancement of technology, pick pocketing has conjointly become electronic. By carrying a scanner and standing near a victim, a criminal can tag their MasterCard information in seconds. During this whole method, the plastic card does not even have to leave the victim’s pocket. Similarly, same events can be done, if anyone’s card carries radio-frequency identification chips (RFID). This implies that they will tag passports, identification badges etc. of people.

In order to shield yourself from Electronic Pick pocketing, you need to know what RFID technology is. Swipe and pay MasterCard systems together with ‘Visa Pay Wave’ and ‘MasterCard Pay Pass’ incorporate small chip in products that enable crucial ID data to be transmitted wirelessly to the receiver, thereby reducing the time of transactions. Ordinary credit cards have a strip that conveys information. However, just in case of RFID chips, it desires solely proximity so as to collect the information.

In modern days more sophisticated ‘electronic pickpockets’ generally use powerful card scanners and signal boosters. To do that, they use to carry a large antenna concealed in a briefcase or bag. They usually walk through an airport, or a train compartment, or a busy marketplace, scanning and storing the card information of victims. Before returning to their place, they clone hundreds of cards using the secure data they have skimmed.

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The maximum distance at which contact-less card information can be read is between 80cms and 1.5m. Professional criminals are now able to steal the information of your contact-less payment card within the specified distance.

Some steps to avoid electronic pick pocketing:

(i) No matter which device you are using to purchase any product or service, do not go for auto-saving your passwords for online transaction.

(ii) Do not use ATM pin for online transactions. If you are purchasing anything through online, do not provide your ATM pin; instead, go for OTP (One Time Password).

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(iii) If you are using an online purchasing system, you will get an option for saving your card once your payment is done. This makes your future transaction with the purchasing system easy and fast. But, in order to avoid electronic pick pocketing, avoid saving your card information.

These are some simple steps that you can follow in our daily life. Follow these and remain risk free regarding electronic pick pocketing.

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