US, France became united against ISIS

US, France became united against ISIS

President Barack Obama announced that the United States and France will stand united to combat Islamic State activists. Image Courtesy – Business Insider

President Barack Obama announced that the United States and France will stand united to combat Islamic State activists taking after the 13th November assaults in Paris, vowing to venture up endeavors to battle terrorism nearby its European accomplices.

Hollande is attempting rallies to support more planned global battle to annihilate Islamic State as He visited Moscow on Thursday to create a broad international coalition on anti-terrorism.

At a news meeting with French President Francois Hollande at the White House, President Obama told that being American, we would support our companions both in good and bad times. Obama also said that the United States and France would stand united, altogether in a bond of solidarity, and to convey proper justice to these terrorists. He also told that the two countries have taken resolution to combat terrorism because Islamic States and their belief system represented a genuine danger to every one.

Hollande said the United States and France have consented to venture up strikes in Syria and Iraq to target Islamic State. Hollande said he and Obama concurred on the significance of shutting down the Turkish fringe to confine the development of fanatics into Europe.

Hollande’s meeting with Obama takes after the terrorist attack in Paris which murdered 130 individuals at the national games stadium, a concert hall, bars and restaurants in heart of the French capital. Islamic State has already guaranteed their claim regarding the attack.

Obama said he and Hollande concurred that more should have been be done to battle Islamic State’s endeavors. U.S. help has upheld late French strikes in Syria and they would keep going up that coordination and would keep making every effort to protect their country.

On the Syrian emergency, Obama likewise said that Russian strikes against moderate resistance there just serve to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s administration.

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