The role of Rahu in a horoscope – benefic or malefic

The role of Rahu in a horoscope – benefic or malefic

The role of Rahu in a horoscope – benefic or malefic. Image Courtesy – Gemstone Universe

Rahu is called the dragon’s head and it can play as a wild card in a person’s life. This is one planet that doesn’t have a fixed role in the portfolio of planets. It doesn’t have a physical point. Rahu is described as a magnetic point in the zodiac with tremendous energy similar to the concept of black holes we have read in science fictions.

Rahu does not even have a consistent effect that can be predicted just by a simple look at the horoscope. It is usually difficult to judge Rahu’s role with absolute clarity. Rahu functions through other planets that act as its agent and usually give hazy signals. So, to understand if Rahu is favourable or unfavourable in a horoscope needs sound knowledge in Vedic astrology.

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Rahu with positive energy or in a favourable position

Positive energies of Rahu makes a native great artist or singer or scientist or a business leader or politician or creator who can come up with the new path-breaking ideas out of nowhere. It brings abundance in work matters and a meteoric rise when the person expected nothing. Rahu can create marriage or a relationship with a person when you least expect it to happen.

The positive energy of Rahu can bring political power, money in huge quantities and amazing income from the government channels that could bring in more cash than your wildest dreams. Rahu gives amazing deal-making abilities and makes one walk away with deals that nobody thought existed. Overseas gains, success in areas where others have failed and heavy gains in speculation are gifts of the positive energy of Rahu.

Rahu with negative energy or in an unfavourable position

Negative energies of Rahu provide a person with negative thoughts and depressive thinking. It could bring about trouble in taxes and a criminal bent of mind. There could be wild gambling urges that could push one’s finances to ruin.

Negative energies of Rahu is also the key factor for issues like alcohol addiction and substance abuse. The malefic Rahu pushes a person to bad business decisions. A person with negative energies of Rahu faces working with unreliable people who hold out false promises and unsteady thoughts that make the person feel that he is in the right track while actually he is not.

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