Solar energy powering US


Solar energy powering US. Image Courtesy –

Solar power is an essential source of energy by which we can perform almost all the basic needs today. We have been depending on natural resources for quite a long time, and still most of the countries are relying on natural resources.

Natural resources (i.e. coal, oil, natural gas etc.) undoubtedly have a great effect on economic growth and we find large scale outputs from these resources, but at the same time, consumption rate of natural resources is unavoidable. So far the natural resources are the key ingredients for manufacturing process that boost-up economic growth in a country.

Solar energy is a good source of energy that we can get absolutely free with using few gadgets installed. Replacing fossil fuel has been a major target as natural sources are decreasing gradually. With using of natural resources as our main sources of energy, the climate of the world is getting polluted. So, any effort that is alternative to use of natural resources and help to reduce the pollution level of environment actually helps to save the world.

Solar energy is more cheap, accessible, and common in the United States than ever before. Since the beginning of 2014, the average cost of solar photovoltaic panels has dropped nearly 50%. Installation of solar units in US has grown a lot in comparison to 2008; and its accumulative unit is approximately 62.5 gigawatts nowadays. Those solar units can supply power to nearly 12 million average US homes.

US have done a remarkable growth in the area of solar industry – the markets are growing there very fast. Solar industry is now a financially competitive with conventional energy sources in various states like Hawai, California, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, Texus, Florida etc. The solar industry has proved its growth regarding creating jobs throughout the US. As far as the job growth rate is concerned, job rate in solar industry has become 9 times higher than the average job rate observed in last five years. Presently, there are more than 2,40,000 workers involved in the solar industry.

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