Religion & religious saints of India – part 9

Shri Ram Chandra

Religion & religious saints of India – Shri Ram Chandra. Image Courtesy – Pinterest.

Continuation after 8th phase …

Lord Shri Ram Chandra

Ascendant and Moon Sign – Cancer (Karkata)

Own House – Moon

Exalted – Sun, Ven, Jup, Sat, Mars

Yoga – Jeeva

Shri Ram Chandra horoscope
Shri Ram Chandra horoscope

He was born on 10-01-4439 (BC) in the month of Baisakha, noon at Ayudh (Ayodhaya, Uttarpradesh).

Shri Shri Ram Chandra was the Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga.

Terror ‘Ratnakar’ became the saint ‘Valmiki’ who wrote the Epic ‘Ramayana’ in which the story of King Dasaratha, Queen, Kaikeyee, Kausalya and more 99 wives in the ‘Treta Yuga’. Ram Chandra was the eldest son of Dasarath-Kausalya. Other sons were Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughna. Ram Chandra got married to Sita, the daughter of King Janak.

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When Dasarath decided to allow Ram Chandra to sit on the throne of Ayudh soon, he was misguided by another wife Kaikeye to allow her son ‘Bharat’ on the throne instead of ‘Ram’. With the advice of Kaikeye, Dsarath was forced to send Ram Chandra to the forest for 14 years.

King Ravana of Lanka had the affinity to enjoy Ram’s wife Sita whom he carried by ‘Pushpak Rath’ (Aeroplane) to Lanka and kept her in Ashoka Garden. Ram Chandra had self-confidence and believer in religion. He had the aid and assistance from the soldiers of monkeys (Sugrib, Bali, and others) to reach Lanka for war.

Ram Chandra worshipped ‘Goddess Durga’ in the month of Ashwin for three days, and on the fourth day, he killed ‘Dasanan’ (Ten headed) Ravana, and handed over the Kingdom to his(Ravana) brother, ‘Bibhisan’ who helped a lot to know how to kill Ravana. Sita was rescued and they came back to Ayudh by airplane and he became the King of Ayudh as Dasarath was expired before few years. In his chart, the 6th and 9th lord Jupiter is in Ascendant with Lord Moon forming ‘Jeeva Yoga’. In the 10th house, the exalted Sun is aspecting Saturn, the lord of 7th and 8th from Libra. In the 9th house, Venus and Ketu are located which are the significators of religious pursuit.

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