Religion & religious saints of India – part 7

Religion & religious saints of India – Lord Shri Krishna

Religion & religious saints of India – Lord Shri Krishna. Image Courtesy –

Continuation after 5th phase …

Lord Shri Krishna

Ascendant and Moon Sign – Taurus (Vrisha)

Nakshatra – Rohini

Exalted – Moon

Debilitated – Mars

Own House – Sun, Merc

Vargottam – Mars, Saturn

Lord Shri Krishna was born on 19th July, 3227 BC, midnight at 12:30 AM in Ashtami tithi in the month of Bhadra, Krishna Paksha, Wednesday at the end of Dwapar Yuga. The festival of ‘Janmashtami’ is performed regularly after the birth of Lord Shri Krishna. He was born in the cell of ‘Kansa’ in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) in the womb of Devaki and Basudev. Shri Krishna is the Avatar of Vishnu who arrived in the Universe thrice in different yugas.

Shri Krishna was born to destroy evil motivated persons like his maternal uncle ‘Kansa’ and played a vital role in spreading the religion throughout the world. Radha was born in Barsana and got married to ‘Ayan’ who did not have physical relation with Radha. Lord Krishna saved the life of Radha while Kansa’s man tried to hack her.

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Religion & religious saints of India – part 7

During the first meet with Radha, Krishna could not close his eyes who actually became one of the principle life-partner out of 10,000 gopinis at Vrindavan. Nanda and Yashoda brought up Krishna.

Krishna played a key role in leading the ‘Mahabharata’ war in ‘Kurukshetra’ while he tried to solve the dispute of Kaurav and Pandav which went in vain and forced Shri Krishna to settle the matter by the war which continued for a prolonged period.

‘Gita’ is the religious text by which everyone will be blessed by Lord Krishna. If anyone recalls Lord Krishna during daily religious performances, he/she will be blessed automatically.

He was the king of ‘Dwaraka’ who spent his childhood days at ‘Vrindavan’(at the bank of Yamuna river) and grown up with his sakhas (friends) elder brother Balaram and more than 10,000 gopinis (girlfriends as wives). He died at the age of 125 years 7 months 26 days by the curse of Gandhari to demolish Yadav Bansa (Yadav family) and Dwaraka plunged into the Arabian Sea.

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