Rakhi Bandhan Utsab in Kolkata – the great Indian culture

Rakhi Bandhan Utsab

Rakhi Bandhan Utsab in Kolkata – the great Indian culture. Image Courtesy – https://totalbhakticom.files.wordpress.com

Agarpara Biswarup’ (formally Biswarup) the name of a social welfare organization founded in the year of 1993 in Tobin Road, Kolkata. Now it’s main campus at Agarpara, Kolkata-700058. The organization affiliated with North 24 Parganas District Body Building and Yogasana Association and Sarba Bharatiya Sangeet-o-Sanskrity Parishar, special Olympic, Kolkata. The organization attached with various types of social activities such as the free microsurgery eye camp, coaching class for handicapped students etc. Just five years ago Biswarup open a school in Agarpara campus namely “Manosik Pratibandhi School” for mentally and physically handicapped persons.

Biswarup organize their annual function ‘Rakhi Bandhan Utsab‘ in every year specifically Rakhi Bandhan Day in different auditorium halls in Kolkata. This year i.e. 2018 is our 25th year “The Silver Jubilee Year”. In the year this celebration starts in middle Kolkata near Paikpara “Mohit Maitra Mancha” on the 26th August 2018 on the fixed day of Rakhi Bandhan.

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Now, it is needless to say to the all concern continuation for arrange the above mentioned social work needs sufficient fund but what we have achieved in minimum and our dreams are much higher in order to dreams come true and to provide more and better social service, we need a lot of help and blessings and co-operation from all of you. As everybody knows financial support is the backbone for any organization we cannot go ahead without your financial help and support.

In order to do so we should organize our ‘Rakhi Bandhan Utsab 2018’ the silver jubilee year. Moreover, it is sure from us it will glorious success in the year with your financial help.

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Now, we expecting for all type of help as before for extend from your side with same motivation.

With deep regards to everyone again.

Those who wish to donate may send their donation to the following account number:
Agarpara Biswarup
Bank of Baroda
A/c. No.: 34760100004202

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