Raisa Ansari, a Doctorate in Material Science, Compelled to Sell Vegetables

Raisa Ansari, a Doctorate in Material Science, compelled to sell vegetables

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A group of small traders from Indore in Madhya Pradesh were protesting against the plight of common people due to the lockdown. Among them was a young woman selling fruits and grains. She erupted in anger against the central government. And the language of protest of that very simple ‘sabjiwali’ (vegetable seller) has shocked everyone. She has been criticizing the government in neat English!

The identity of the young woman was known as soon as the video of this incident came to light. All the netizens were shocked to know that. It is known that the young woman named Raisa Ansari did her PhD from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya in Indore in 2011. Back in the situation, she had to sell grain in carts, but she had a doctorate in a difficult subject like material science. She told the journalists in his own words.

But, the surprising thing is that despite having such an educational qualification, she did not get a job. Not only that, but the young Raiser complained that being a Muslim she has been repeatedly prevented from getting a job. She was finally forced to give up. After the death of her father, she took responsibility by selling vegetables in her father’s cart in search of income.

Video Courtesy – YouTube

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Raisa, who grew up in a poor family, has made great strides in education, but the situation has shattered all her dreams. In her words, “I am a Muslim and also poor. I finished my studies with facing many difficulties. But after that no college, no university wants to give me a job. Let the administration tell me what should I do! Where to go! I have to run my family afterall.”

During the indoor protests on Thursday, everyone was shocked to see the grain seller talking in pure English. The camera of the media was then towards her. Everyone seems to be fascinated. After that, Raiser’s protest went viral.

Apparently, he was criticizing the government’s lockdown policy in fluent English. Raisa Ansari has strongly protested the way the lockdown was imposed in Indore. She said that due to such unplanned lockdown, the daily earners have been facing extreme problems. Raisa also criticized the state government as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The situation is quite shocking enough. But it is the reality of our democratic country. Who is responsible for the situation? Is that our system?

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