President Trump issues first veto after a rebuke from congress

President Trump issues first veto after a rebuke from congress

President Trump issues first veto after a rebuke from congress. Image Courtesy – Democracy Now

US President Donald Trump endowed his first ‘veto’ during presidency, nullifying the US Congress to defend his emergency declaration for border wall funding.

To him, the situation was completely a national emergency that extended the immigration system of the country beyond the breaking point. Parents of the children killed by people and officials of law and order were present there.

Trump kept up that he was not through battling for his campaign promise, which remained mostly unfulfilled year and a half before voters choose whether to concede him another term as President.

Donald Trump wanted to implement the emergency order to channelize billions of federal dollars assigned to spend for defense toward the Southern border wall. But, the order has been facing various legal challenges from environmental groups and Democratic state attorneys general who had an argument that the emergency declaration was ‘unconstitutional’.

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The initiative of Donald Trump could have been blocked for couple of months or more from channelizing extra money to the construction of the wall. American Civil Liberties Union filed one of the cases against Trump stating that the veto was meaningless.

American Congress rejected the Trump’s declaration. They said that they wanted to face him in the court, and an independent judiciary of the court would take the ultimate decision about the declaration’s legality.

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, told that Trump’s veto was a ‘lawless power grab’. She also told that denying the decision of both the chamber, Trump has tried to disobey the American Constitution, American Congress and will of the American people.

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