Prediction for the US Presidential Election

Prediction for the US Presidential Election – Prof Dr Tapomay Ghoshhajra

Prediction for the US Presidential Election – Prof Dr Tapomay Ghoshhajra. Image Courtesy – The Indian Express

The prediction for the US Presidential Election has already published in astrological journal ‘Planets and Forcast’ by Prof Dr Tapomay Ghoshhajra. The data and supporting images are there with this article to analyze the planetary positions and action. The data came later to us, we are sorry for the inconvenience of our readers.

Now the pandemic period is continuing around the globe. In the celestial sphere, most major planets like Saturn in Capricorns own house, Jupiter in Sagittarius, own house, Mars in Aries, own house, Mercury with Sun in Virgo, own house, Venus in Leo, Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio and Moon in Rohini Taurus as on 6th October, 2020. ASCENDANT IS VIRGO.

Let us examine the horoscope of two candidates who are contestants for  the same.

Now, see the horoscope of Joe Biden where he was born as Scorpio Ascendant and Moonsign Aries in Ashwini constellation. For this ascendant, Jupiter being the 2nd and 5th lord located in Exaltation in 9th house (Cancer Sign) and Moon being 9th lord located in Aries in Kutu’s Nakshatra are Yoga Karaka (means Excellent combination).

Lord of the 10th, Sun is in Ascendant with lord of 12th and 7th i.e. Venus aspected by Saturn, lord of 3rd and 4th with Uranus in 7th. In the 10th house, Rahu is located in Leo, whereas Ketu is in Aquarius. In Aries, Moon is aspected by Mercury (lord of 8th and 11th) and Mars (lord of 6th and 1st) in Libra sign.

Now, in transit, Jupiter will move to Capricorn on November 20, 2020 onward from Sagittarius (own house). Saturn is staying in his own house in Capricorn. Mars, being the 6th and 1st lord, is now in Pisces which is also a benefactor at this stage. Rahu is in Taurus and Ketu is in Scorpio. These factors insist the native to fight with the Republican Candidate Donald Trump for winning the US Presidential Election with massive majority of votes with Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

This time Donald Trump will not be able to bid trump in the US election to win. The entire environment, transit of planets in the solar system and the natal birth horoscopes of the two candidates are in favourable for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris which I found from my own judgement. Now, let us see whether and how far it takes to become right in the forecast.

As far as I know, Donald Trump is under the blockage of Rahu and ketu both in transit and birth natal chart which will cover eighteen months in adverse mode.

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Rather the horoscope of Mr. Joe Biden is very much favourable to win the Presidential election 2020.  He will be elected as President who will assume his office since January 2021. All of you know that in USA two parties, Republican and Democratic.

Prof. Dr. Tapomay Ghosh Hajra

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