New way of cancer treatment found utilizing Immune System

New way of cancer treatment found utilizing Immune System

New way of cancer treatment found utilizing Immune System. Image Courtesy – Wall Street Journal.

The immune system of the human body generates a defence mechanism against unwanted entries of bacteria, virus, and many other diseases. But, a specific problem creates with cancer disease. The cancer disease forms with the malignant cells that start to grow from within the body and reach to an uncontrollable status. Human immune system is specifically programmed to prevent attack body’s own cells. So, the malignant cells remain un-affected during body’s defense mechanism.

But scientists have invented some ways to instruct body’s defense mechanism to attack tumor cells and destroy. This is the latest immune-based treatment technique to fight against several types of cancer.

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Scientists of Kyoto University discovered several ways in which human immune system is obstructed from attacking tumor cells. Their discovery leads to new era of medicine that allows the immune system to find out cancer cells and attack them. It improved the rate of remission of the cancer disease and simultaneously awarded them with the Nobel Prize for 2018. The Food and Drug Administration of America has accepted a number of cancer drugs and therapies to enhance the immune system.

Scientists are saying that immunotherapy is going to be the prime way for treating cancer patients in the future. Immunotherapy is a way of treatment that specifically effective against skin cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer etc., but it is still not effective for the common type of cancers like breast, colon, prostate etc.

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