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Kunjal Kriya

Kunjal Kriya demonstrated by Yogaguru Suneel Singh. Image Courtesy – Vijay Gautam.

Yoga is an art of living – one that has evolved over thousands of years and continues to evolve in accordance with the needs of Humanity. Everybody would like to attain perfect health. This article is dedicated for people who are working in ‘Hotel Industries’, Call Centers’, ‘Airlines’, ‘B.P.O’ and ‘Office workers’. They use to suffer more or less from constipation. This consequently leads to many other diseases like headache, acidity, high blood pressure, pimples irritation, loss of appetite and mental depression etc.

Follow the yogic way of life and get rid of constipation:

1. Kunjal Kriya: In the early morning hours with empty stomach. Drink at least three glasses of Luke warm water, as quickly as possible, until it feels that stomach cannot hold any more. Now lean forward keeping the trunk as horizontal as possible. And vomit all the water by putting finger in mouth. Repeatedly touching your tongue with finger would force water to come out. If there is no expulsion of water, it means the tip of the finger is not far enough down the throat. Again place the finger in the mouth and repeat the process. Continue in this way until the stomach is empty. Practice it once a week.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People suffering from high Blood pressure, heart problem and peptic ulcer should do not perform this ‘kriya’ (process).

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2. AGNISAR KRIYA: In Sanskrit ‘Agni’ means fire and ‘sar’ means the source. Stand both feet shoulder width apart. Both the hands on your knees Breath in deeply exhale emptying the lungs as much as possible. Now, contract and expand the abdominal muscles rapidly for as long as it is possible to hold the breath outside comfortably. Then inhale deeply normalizes your breathing by taking two-three breaths. This is one round practice – do five rounds in the beginning and then slowly increases the practice as desired.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People suffering from high Blood pressure, heart problem and peptic ulcer should do not perform this ‘kriya’ (process).

Agnisar (left), Vajrasana (middle) and Dhyan (right) demonstrated by Yogaguru Suneel Singh. Image Courtesy – Vijay Gautam.

3. VAJRASANA (Thunderbolt pose): Sit on the floor in kneeling position bring the big toes together and heels spread out lower the buttocks so that they rest comfortably on the seat made out by the feet. Keep your head, neck and shoulder straight. Keep the eyes closed. Hands on the knees palms facing down, Do it every day after your meal for minimum 5 minutes.

4. DHYAN: Sit in ‘Sukhasana’ or ‘Padmasana’ close your eyes. Keep hands in ‘Jnana Mudra’, fold the index finger so that they touch the root of the thumbs, and straighten the other three fingers of both the hands. They are relaxed and slightly apart. Now concentrate in the centre of your fore head ‘Agya Charkas’ and look without seeing anything. Sit relax and calm. Do it daily for minimum 10 minutes.

FOOD FOR CONSTIPATION: Diet plays a decisive role in constipation. Eat a selective diet of natural foods, such as dried fruits, vegetables, grains and special protective foods.

(1) Apple: Raw apples are good for constipation. At least two apples should be taken daily for proper evacuation of bowels.

(2) Bael Fruit: Ripe Bael (Aegle marmelos) fruit helps evacuate even the old accumulated faucal matter from the bowels. For best resolution it should be taken in the form of sherbet.

(3) Grapes: It tones up the stomach and intestines and relieves the most chronic cases of constipation. One should take at least 200 gm of grapes daily.

(4) Lemon: Lemon destroys intestinal warms and eliminates the gases formed in the digestive tract.

(5) Papaya: Raw papaya is highly beneficial if ripe fruit is eaten regularly, correct habitual constipation.

(6) Cabbage: A meal of raw cabbage is an excellent remedy for constipation. The cabbage provides the roughage which is essential to stimulate intestines for the proper action of the bowels.

(7) Carrot: Carrot juice combined with spinach juice and little lemon juice is very effective in the treatment of constipation.

(8) Cucumber: The cucumber is a dependable laxative food. People suffering from constipation can take two cucumbers a day.

(9) Spinach: Spinach juice clears the digestive tract by removing the accumulated waste. It is an excellent food remedy for constipation.

(10) Water Therapy: Water is powerful. It is soft and gentle purities. Just as it is clears everything. Drink minimum 20 glasses of water daily. Water flushes out wastes and toxins transports nutrients, regulates body temperature and allows for proper digestion.

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