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Googleplus Hangouts

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You may already know about Google+ hangouts. It is a powerful video chat application from Google that lets you chat seamlessly with your circles and others can join too. Recently, Google has connected hangouts to YouTube and the marketing potential of this application increased dramatically. Now, Google+ users can broadcast live video sessions on YouTube which is searchable through Google search. This new super power of ‘hangouts on air’ gives you the chance to kill subordinate competition and outshine over your business competitors. Let’s take a look at some of the online marketing scopes powered by hangouts on air and be a superman out of the odds.

Things you can do with hangouts

A number of leading brands are using hangouts on air for product release campaigns, press conferences, and moreover reaching out to the targeted audiences online. The live air broadcast of hangout video session can be accessed by every user regardless of geographic boundaries and whether they are Google+ users or not. However, if you want to join the conversation, you need to signup first for a Google+ account that’s it. This unique feature gives hangouts the power to deliver quality customer support, work collaboration between workers, and free business campaigns on YouTube.

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How to use it

As per the current trends of using hangouts on air for online business marketing, this social application is definitely a winner for this year. Hangouts has emerged itself in a more aggressive way this time giving a hard time to similar apps like Skype. Make the most out of this powerful app by following the tricks below:

Be innovative in approach

Refrain yourself from copying others just because they are successful in their hangout video broadcast endeavor. Try to be a genuine host portraying innovative ideas for your viewers. Your hosting style should be original and persuasive. This is the key to motivate your audience to get engaged in the campaign.

Entertain your audience

A live video session certainly becomes boring when there is no one to laugh or wink around. Present information along with a healthy dose of humor. It always works in keeping your audience stick to their chair until you finish your show on hangouts.

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Create harmless controversies

This is the hardest thing to do when you have just started broadcasting your live show on hangouts. There is a thin line between creating an enjoyable controversy and an offensive one. If you can be a little careful about not crossing the line, you will definitely gather a lot more audience in your show.

Make the show interactive

‘Hangouts on air’ gives you total freedom in terms of audience engagement and interactivity. You can host a question answer session with your audience. This is a powerful way of promoting your business as you are involving your customers in the scene. They will feel attached with the show you are broadcasting and it will certainly become popular.

The far-reaching capability of Google+ hangouts is designed for new age awareness campaigns and business promotion. You can use it the way you want in your quest of becoming a ninja slicing the odds in online marketing.

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