Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. Image Courtesy – http://scitechdaily.com.

Indian Astrology is based on the 12 Sings and 27 Nakshatras spread along the zodiac, the seven planets and the two nodes (chhayegrahes). Expect the Sun and the moon, the other five planets (viz. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn) own two sings each. From mathematical points, the nodes have no mass and these are not visible to the human eye like the other planets, the nodes are assigned the status of planets (Rahu & Ketu) due to their strong influence on human affairs.

Among the five planets apart from Sun & Moon, Jupiter & Saturn takes maximum time to travel & take a entire rotation of the zodiac.


The vedic name of Jupiter is ‘Brihaspati’, ‘Brihat’ means great and ‘pati’ means protector. In the Puranas, Jupiter is called ‘Deva Guru’ or ‘preceptor of Devatas’. According to the dictum, “Sthanahani Keroti Jeevah”, Jupiter does not augment the affairs of the house where he is posited, but the houses aspected by him definitely prosper.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which is the 5th house from pisces owned by Jupiter, denoting intelligence, success, fame and ‘Purva Punya’. The Highest exalation point of Jupiter is 5° in canser in Pushya Nakshatra. Jupiter’s highest debilitation point is 5° in Capricorn ruled by Saturn in Uttarashada. Jupiter is warm hearted, kind and charitable.

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Saturn is the farthest planet from the sun in the solar system. In Indian scriptures he has been assigned the evaluation of our karma and dispense reward or punishment. Due to slow motion it is called Mandah (Slow), which takes 30 years to take a complete turn of the zodiac. According to dictum, ‘sani saneh saneh charati iti saneshcharah’. Due to slow motion, Saturn is the karaka for longevity. As per the another dictum, ‘Sthana Vriddhi Karoti Mandah’. Saturn gradually augments through diligence the affairs of the house it occupies and harms the houses accepted therefrom.

Saturn is exalted in Libra in the natural zodiac. Libra happens to be the 10th house from Capricorn and 9th house from Aquarius, the two houses are owned by Saturn. Saturn’s highest exaltation point is 20° in Libra, the positive sign of Venues in Swati Nakashatra owned by Rahu. Venus is the lord of Libra and Rahu and Saturn’s friends. Saturn is debilitated in the opposite sign Aries, the positive and fiery house of Mars.

Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn:

“Conjunction” means, when two planets are placed in one zodiac sign within a distance of 2° to 6° and it is one of the rarest one in astrology. Being the slowest moving planet, Jupiter and Saturn get conjunct once in 19 years to 20 years. This conjunction can give ethical approach, punctual life style in a person if well placed as per Sign and house. Jupiter & Saturn are natural to each other, when these two planets are in one house then actual result will depend on sign house and aspect on them.

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Impact of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction:

As Jupiter and Saturn both are slow moving planets, so a person with this conjunction will never rush for anything. They will always move ahead with a systematic disciplined, slow and steady approach. As Saturn causes delay in life, a person with Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will rise late in life, mostly after 29 years.

As Jupiter denotes expansion and Saturn denotes conjunction so to opposite characteristics planets is Ascendant, lazy, bending the truth as per own wish, expect for Sagittarius and Pieces Ascendant.

If boh Jupiter (100 days) and Saturn (184 days) are retrograde, then Jupiter influence will be prominent in this conjunction and the result will be adverse. The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is better in fiery signs than in earthy signs.

Mostly, person with Jupiter and Saturn conjunction moves ahead in life crossing mountain high odd situation in life to achieve the goals no matter whether there are supporters in life or not. As they can move on with a full proof planning and methods.

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