Javier Bardem is selected as ‘Frankenstein’ in Universal’s monster movies

Javier Bardem is selected as 'Frankenstein' in Universal’s monster movies

Javier Bardem is chosen as ‘Frankenstein’ in Universal’s Monster Universe. Image Courtesy – etcanada.com.

There was no uncertainty about the survey Universal has done of their new monsters cinematic universe as something that ought to be considered important. It is easily assumable that they have been collecting talents like – Tom Cruise will fight the title animal in The Mummy, Russell Crowe is playing another adaptation of Dr. Jekyll, Johnny Depp is ready to depict the Invisible Man, and Dwayne Johnson is reputed to be the top decision for the Wolf Man. The last one is somewhat abnormal; however at any rate everybody cherishes The Rock.

A report said that Javier Bardem is in a process to become the star as Frankenstein in Universal’s great monsters motion picture arrangement. Presently it was obscure which monster Bardem would first show up to highlight. Voyage and Crowe’s “The Mummy,” the primary film in the monster series has already been completed with filming.

“Bride of Frankenstein” feature is also being made by the Universal, however, according to the report, Bardem’s Frankenstein would likely show up in another monster picture. The studio recorded Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan to build up the monster picture as associated universe the previous summer.

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Incidentally, Bardem had been drawn closer about playing the role of ’Dr. Jekyll’ against Tom Cruise in ‘The Mummy, but somehow it could not happen. As a result of that Russell Crowe got the chance.

Javier Bardem was recently seen in Sean Penn’s “The Last Face”. He is now filming in Darren Aronofsky’s untitled film and opposite to Jennifer Lawrence. He has with his presence in “Privateers of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which bows next summer.

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