Infosys is going to create 1200 jobs in Australia

Infosys is going create 1200 jobs in Australia

Infosys is going to create 1200 jobs in Australia. Image Courtesy –

The IT giant declared on the 21st November, 2018, Wednesday, that it would take an initiative to develop three ‘Innovation Hubs’ in Australia by 2020, thereby covering up shortage of digital skills in the country along with creating IT 1200 jobs there.

The enterprise will include the education system and will enable a steady learning opportunities through Australian universities. There target to create around 1200 IT jobs engaging graduates of Australian universities from the fields like design, computer science etc. They also planned to provide partnerships in academic field to collect cream of the students and bridge up the gap of digital skill.

Karen Lesley Andrews, Minister for Industry in Australia, Science and Technology, expressed her welcome and told that it was a great decision of the IT giant to invest in Australia. The Coalition Government would be benefited with the development of economy in Australia as the global stand of Infosys was remarkable.

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Pravin Rao, The Chief Operating Officer, Infosys, told that the ‘Innovation Hubs’ in Australia would act like a platform to bridge up with clients, education sector and the government. He also told that the concept of investing in Australia would consolidate a strong base to meet the demand for skill in the areas like ‘cyber-security’, ‘big data’, ‘machine learning’, ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘cloud technology’ etc.

However, the experts say that to hire 1200 skilled professionals for the company like Infosys will be a long-term goal; because the Australian job market is not ready to provide the level of talent Infosys wants. It will be a challenge for the company if they are planning to hire professionals locally. On the other hand, it will be possible if Infosys plans to send professionals from India; and also easier for the company to send its talent to IT markets where easier visa norms are available.

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