Importance and usefulness of Moon Plant to maintain prolonged youthfulness

Importance and usefulness of Moon Plant to maintain prolonged youthfulness

Importance and usefulness of Moon Plant in maintaining prolonged youthfulness. Image Courtesy – Farmavita.Net

In ancient texts and scriptures of the Vedas, the importance and usefulness of Moon Plant or Somvalli is widely mentioned. It was said in the ancient era that the plant helped the Gods, Goddesses and the saints to remain evergreen overcoming the ageing process. A chemical compound, ‘Somaras’, was prepared from the Moon Plant which everyone was eager to drink in the ancient era. The scientific name of the Moon Plant is Sarcostemma Acidum. There are many species of it. Its English name is Moon Plant or Soma Plant.

It was mentioned in the Vedas that the body gets rejuvenated by consumption of the extract of this plant. The ancient people used to consume the juice from this plant to maintain their health and vigour, gain strength and prosperity. The speciality of this plant is that it does not have leaves. This plant is just like the vines with the green coloured stem.

The juice extracted from the vines of Moon Plant was called ‘Somras’ in ancient time. It is noteworthy that the plant is not like cannabis. These creepers are found in mountain ranges. It is found in many mountainous regions like Arbud of Rajasthan, Mahendra Giri of Orissa, Vindhyachal, Malay etc. Some researchers believe that the Moon Plant is found on the hills of Afghanistan. The Moon Plant (Sarcostemma acidum) belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family or commonly known as milkweed family generally grown in India, Europe and US, is basically a plant that has not been utilized with its full potential in the modern era.

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Further researchers told that the Moon Plant is found in the Himalayas up to Kashmir and Sikkim at an altitude of 7 to 16 thousand feet. China has been a major source of this plant. It is known as ‘Mahuang’ there. It is also found in countries like Tibet, Iran etc.

It has small 6 inches to 4 feet long stems something resembling plant tendrils. Its stem is nodular and branches are dark green. Only nodes have some leaves. The fruits of Moon Plant are sweet, fleshy and red. One or two black seeds emerge from these fruits. Local people use to eat these fruits.

Sarcostemma acidum has proved to be the best medicine for bronchial asthma due to having strong bronchodilator. After taking 2 grams of this powder with fresh water, there is dilation of the respiratory tract and the accumulated phlegm comes out. By which the patient gets relief.

Many doctors also use powder of liquorice with it. This powder containing liquorice should also be given to the children in cough and cold. People, who have a disorder for bile secretion, should be given the powder with milk.

Moon Plant powder or the extract of Moon Plant has the benefit in breathing problem, cough and cold, lung infection etc.

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This plant is beneficial for heart disease.

It is very much beneficial for Diphtheria, and Pneumonia.

In the application for the treatment of Asthma, the plant is crushed and made a mixture with some amount of water and taken twice a day.

This plant is used to treat inflammation. Thick Paste of the plant is applied in the swelling area and is used to cover it with a piece of cloth.

For the treatment of weakness, the extract of this plant is used. Rejuvenating Juice of the whole plant with the combination of other herbal extract is taken orally on a daily basis. It is applied for 1-2 month until the weakness prevails.

Extract of this plant is given twice a day with cow milk or luke-warm water for the treatment of Dyspepsia.

We should always keep this in mind that when a plant provides prolonged youthfulness to a human body, it definitely has some special chemical compounds that provide a significant level of immunity to fight and win with multiple diseases.

Research has not been performed to its optimum level for this plant as it has become endangered. This medicinal plant has plenty of rejuvenating power that can prevent a human being from reaching to several co-morbidity levels. Production of this plant should be enhanced for the benefit of mankind. If proper and extensive research is done on the plant, a new dimension of biochemical compounds would be invented. We must apply modern science and technology for exploring the pride of the ancient era and by doing this we can save the human civilization from deadly viral diseases.

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