Hollywood actor Andrew Jack dies of Coronavirus at 76


Andrew Jack was a multi talented person, a language teacher and simultaneously an actor from London who had worked on more than 80 motion pictures since 1982. Andrew Jack starred in ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’ in the Star Wars series. He played as ‘Major Kaluan Emart’ in Star Wars. He also played with Robert Downey Jr. in Chaplin in the year 1992 and with Pierce Brosnan in the Golden Eye in 1995.

Andrew Jack has died of cornea attack on Wednesday morning at a London hospital at the age of 76. Due to his age, he could not proceed his fighting with the virus attack and succumbed to death. This is a major loss for Hollywood film industry.

Andrew’s spokesman, Jill McCullagh, told the media that the famous Hollywood actor and linguist died at Covid-19 on the Wednesday morning at St Peter’s Hospital. He used to live in a houseboat on the Thames River. Andrew loved his wife, Gabriella Rogers, even though she was a freelancer.

It is reported that the actor’s wife is also currently at home quarantine in Australia. She left New Zealand and reached there last week. Gabriella did not meet and talk to Andrew at his last days. It is not confirmed whether the actor’s body will be cremated or not regarding the present situation.

Jill McCullagh also expressed that Andrew was full of vitality. When he used to enter the house, everybody look at him for his attractive long body and white hair. Prior to his illness, Andrew had been preparing himself for the film Batman. According to Jill, Andrew was a linguist as well as an actor. He used to believe that actors should learn different languages. Many would come to Andrew to learn another language. Andrew was a self-made organization in Hollywood. His death created a huge vacuum in Hollywood.

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