Google’s Android brings more innovative smartphone

Google's Android brings more innovative smartphones

Google’s Android brings more innovative smartphone. Image Courtesy –

Large screened cellphones are turning out to be more prevalent than any time in recent memory. According to Flurry App Analytics by Yahoo Developer Network, these large screened cellphones developed by more than 330% gradually over the years. Still, some cellphone producers have made great utilization of these bigger gadgets other than Samsung.

Google is planning to change this with its most up to date form of Android named ‘7.0 Nougat’. It remarkably highlights the capacity to see applications in a split-screen mode. The product upgrade, which Google started pushing out to certain Nexus gadgets this week, makes it feasible for Android clients to communicate with more than one application all at a time.

That is advantageous in light of the fact that it diminishes the need to skip around from application to application. Suppose you are making edits to a business related document file in Google Drive while visiting about the development of your projects with your project manager. With split-screen, you can have your document file and email open and showed on screen simultaneously. It expands the option of multitasking. As Google pushes for Android to be workable on all sizes of the smartphones, it is promising to see how the organization develops Android on bigger gadgets.

Still, some Android fans may discover the usefulness well known. Certain Samsung telephones have been putting forth split-screen modes since 2011. Users of the famous brand LG’s G2, which propelled in 2013, could open applications in skimming windows on the home screen. However, a split-screen view has never been a functionality of Google’s core Android programming. So, a user would be able to work on the feature only by purchasing a cellphone whose manufacturer already added the capability. Google’s most recent version of Android is yet to create split-screen more accessible in large screened cellphones.

With Google’s latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat split-screen feature, you can have your document file and email or other application open and showed on screen simultaneously. Image Courtesy –

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Google’s latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat works almost like the way it works on Samsung’s Note smartphones. On the Nexus 6P, one can dispatch two applications by tapping the recent applications button with pressing and holding down on the title bar of the application. Now, if one has to view in split-screen mode, he should drag that application to the top or bottom of the screen. Like Samsung’s ‘multi-window’ mode, Google’s latest version additionally permits you to change the measure of space one application occupies inside the screen area over the other application.

The multitasking functionality of the software in larger screen has been significantly easier due to Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat. Not only that, cycling between applications has turned out to be somewhat easier – like tapping twice on the recent applications button will switch between the two applications you last opened.

Google has released new Android 7.0 Nougat which has innovative features. Video Courtesy – Youtube & Google Official Android 7.0 Nougat.

These developments are particularly unfavourable as Google presents gadgets like the Pixel C, which is a tablet intended to be utilized with an assisting keyboard. Microsoft’s ‘Surface lineup’ and Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ also uses assisting keyboard. In any case, Pixel C users did not have a simple approach to juggle various applications without a moment’s delay.

Above all other features, the choice to add a split-screen perspective to Android recommends that Google considers efficiency to be an essential part of the Android experience. Not being only the hardware partner of Android, Google tries to move forward towards improving user experience.

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