Google supports unemployment website of NY

Google supports unemployment website of NY

Google supports unemployment website of NY. Image Courtesy –

Newly unemployed people found it hard to apply for benefits to the government. So, Google tried to develop the website in a better way during coronavirus pandemic. Google’s cloud infrastructure has been utilized to develop the government of New York’s online application page for unemployment benefits.

The New York state government declared a partnership with few technology-based companies to improve the system, but it went offline for a couple of hours on Thursday evening. Now it has been declared to be capable to bear higher load of traffic.

In the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands of released New Yorkers have tried to apply for unemployment benefit, but a large number of applicants experienced system crashes that made them frustrated.

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New York has been the worst hit by coronavirus pandemic, and the entire America has experienced a flow of unemployment claims that created a huge pressure on the systems to handle their applications. There were 6.6 million applications for unemployment benefit filed nationwide only in the last week.

The website for unemployment benefits application also got the ability to save incomplete applications. In case a user needs to step out and again come back in a later time, it should work seamlessly on various devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Eventually, the press release committed for well-organized experience with fewer questions to answer. Deloitte is opening a large-scale call centre with Google in this strive. Verizon is also trying to increase the capacity of call centres.

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