Google-Jio deal will decrease Chinese dominance in the smartphone market

Google-Jio deal will decrease the Chinese dominance in the smartphone market

Google-Jio deal will decrease Chinese dominance in the smartphone market. Image Courtesy – Indian Express

Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced the partnership between Jio and Google. He said that Google is going to invest Rs 33,000 crore on Jio. Google and Jio will launch a cheap Android phone in the market. Following the announcement, Chinese companies, which have been slowly expanding their business in the Indian smartphone market, have been hit hard.

Chinese companies have a lot of influence in the Indian mobile industry and market also. Reliance Jio is famous for changing the equation of the Indian market. Since the launch of Jio, the Indian smartphone market has undergone a revolutionary change in internet, data and calling.

This time Reliance Jio is preparing to launch a smartphone in the Indian market. And that’s why Jio has partnered with Google and Qualcomm. Jio’s new plan has caused panic among Chinese mobile companies.

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At present, the Indian smartphone market is dominated by Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo etc. These companies are also very popular among Indians. The Chinese companies dominate the Indian market with medium and premium range phones. For now, Indian customers have fewer options than cheap Chinese phones.

This time the thought has entered into the head of the Chinese brands because they know that if Jio launches a phone in the Indian market, the market equation will change. Everyone knows the history of Jio to bring new horizons to the telecom market. Another telecom revolution is going to take place in the smartphone market with Jio-Google partnership.

Presently, Indians are angry with China and the campaign to boycott Chinese goods is going on. That is the reason if Jio and Google launch cheap mobile phones at the present time, it will be very much profitable for them.

Reliance Jio has also announced to bring homegrown 5G. And now, there is no doubt that Jio is going to bring 5G smartphones in the Indian market.

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