Facebook blocks 115 accounts before US midterm elections

Facebook blocks 115 accounts before US midterm elections

Facebook blocks 115 accounts before US midterm elections. Image Courtesy – https://www.theverge.com

Facebook has taken stringent action on several Facebook and Instagram accounts that have been spreading fake, tampered news about the midterm election in US.

Facebook confirmed recently that it blocked around 30 Facebook accounts, and even also blocked 85 Instagram accounts regarding engaging with fake informations and activities. Facebook described these activities like – some people or organizations purposely created profiles to mislead others. In some cases, some people use to create ‘fake profiles’ in disguise of others to communicate messages of secret mission between them; which forced facebook to make a central hub called ‘war room’ inside its organization.

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Most of the pages corresponding to fake Facebook accounts were in ‘French’ or ‘Russian’ languages; on the other hand, Instagram accounts were in ‘English’. Those accounts were mostly dealing with celebrities and political issues.

Facebook administration told that they would take necessary steps very quickly at the vicinity of US elections before declaring a public notice.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of the Cyber Security Policy, Facebook, told that they would update the post after getting detailed information about those accounts. In a recent action in October, 2018, Facebook removed 82 Groups, Pages, and Accounts that were active in ‘inauthentic behavior’ and linked with Iran.

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