Doctors of Jaipur got success in curing corona infection

Doctors of Jaipur got success in curing corona infection

Indian doctors got noteworthy success in curing corona infection. Image Courtesy – NDTV

Doctors of Sawai Man Singh Hospital of Jaipur in India got miraculous success in treating 3 corona positive patients, and this incident has uplifted new aspirations in the medical sector. The ‘miracle-medicine’ has proved functional before any country in the world could prepare a vaccine to combat the threat of coronavirus.

The medical departments of various states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Bihar, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh have made an inquiry on this miracle-medicine from the Rajasthan medical department so that they can also provide treatment to the corona patients in their respective states. Doctors of Jaipur have created a new benchmark for the other doctors to follow.

Additional Chief Secretary of Medical and Health Department, Rohit Kumar Singh, told that the doctors of Sawai Man Singh Hospital started their plan of action since a 69-year-old Italian tourist was found corona positive by the ‘National Institute of Virology’ at Pune. The Italian tourist was kept in isolation and under strong observation in a separate room.

Dr Sudhir Bhandari, Principal of SMS Hospital, studied various journals relating to the treatment of virus-infected persons with a team of doctors. After having gone through a collective research, they decided to work on ‘Antiretroviral Therapy’ and asked for the approval from ‘Indian Council of Medical Research’ in Delhi. After getting the approval, they started their work on that particular therapy. They got their success using the combination of medicines for 5-6 days on the Italian tourist who was 69 and then his wife who was 70. The medicine worked miraculously and cured both of them. Then the team of doctors applied their combination of medicines into another person of Jaipur who was 85 years old. He had contracted the disease from Dubai and he was also suffering from Diabetes and other complications.

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The 70-year-old lady recovered in 4 days and the 85-year-old person of Jaipur recovered in 5 days. The 69-year-old Italian tourist was heavily unhealthy, recovered in 8 days. All of the patients have been tested negative. The Italian tourist is still having some lung congestion because of his chronic smoking habit. He is still under treatment though his infection of COVID-19 has been declared negative.   

Dr Sudhir Bhandari led the team of doctors like Dr S Banerjee, Dr Raman Sharma, Dr Prakash Keswani, Dr Sushil Bhati, Dr Bharat Sharma and other specialists as well as the nursing staff who worked round the clock to treat the patients.

The clinical process applied by the doctors at Sawai Man Singh Hospital is below:

They observed that the molecular structure of HIV and COVID-19 were similar to some extent, so the doctors applied ‘Antiretroviral Therapy’ which included Lopinavir (C37H48N4O5) and Ritonavir (C37H48N6O5S2).

In the initial stage of the therapy, patients were given medicines that were usually given to ‘Swine Flu’ patients. They applied the HIV drugs after that; and the cocktail of medicines worked wonderfully – the doctors observed rapid improvement in the health of the patients.

The patients were treated with a combination of 200mg Lopinavir and 50 mg of Ritonavir twice a day besides Oseltamivir (C16H28N2O4) and Chloroquine (C18H26ClN3). Oseltamivir (C16H28N2O4) is the drug used to treat influenza A and influenza B and Chloroquine (C18H26ClN3) is used to treat malaria.

However, the doctors at the SMS Hospital notified that this kind of combined medical therapy was performed as an emergency purpose to regain the normal state of health for the corona patients. Such medication is required randomize clinical trial under a regulatory process.

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Officials of the Medical and Health Department of Sawai Man Singh Hospital told that the information on ‘magic medicine’ have been provided to the 6 states and they have been advised to follow the instruction adopted by the Jaipur doctors. They also told that this process should be regulated on ‘case to case basis’, a lot of observations are to be made with time to time monitoring by specialists, and this kind of clinical trial should be made within a well-equipped quarantine environment. 

Ashok Gehlot, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, and Kalraj Mishra, the Governor of Rajasthan have appreciated the magnificent work performed by the doctors of Sawai Man Singh Hospital.  The phase of developing a unique medicine has already been started and we can hope that we will get a powerful medicine to combat the threat of Coronavirus very soon.

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