Culture of joy, culture of creative art, culture of unity in diversity

Culture of joy, culture of creative art, culture of unity in diversity

Culture of joy, the culture of creative art, the culture of unity in diversity. Image Courtesy –

Durga puja, the largest festival in Bengal started on 26th September 2017(Maha Shasti) this season. The special event will continue for another four days along with the idol immersion ceremony on ‘Bijoya Dasami’ on 30th September 2017.

People of the City of Joy are fully packed with joy during these Durga puja days. The cultural capital of India is now showcasing the ultimate level of creativity in a multitude of forms of art. Astonishing art and crafts by the artists of Kolkata have secured their name in the country as well in the world.

It can only be felt when an individual comes to pandals and have a look at what creative ambiances are created in numerous puja pandals. It is really incredible. Foreign travelers are also astonished to see the awesome form of creative arts.

Video Courtesy – Youtube.

‘Tridhara Sammilani’ Durga puja in South Kolkata’s focus is on the environment and promptness to deal with conditions that debilitate it. The current year’s theme is typically titled ‘Character destroyed by Urbanisation’.

‘Barisha Club’ Durga puja Pandal in Behala accompanies fascinating embrace bolts and keys, perceptible all through their pandal. From goddess, Durga hung in conventional Nepali clothing for the great extraordinary occasion of ‘Dasain’, to the brilliant white-hued Temple of Thailand to looks of London and the assembled.

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The theme is Thailand’s ‘White Palace’ at ‘Deshapriya Park’ Durga puja pandal in South Kolkata. The Deshapriya Recreation area committee offers twentieth century ‘Wat Rong Khun’ temple which is also called White Temple in northern Thailand.

The pandal at ‘Kashi Bose Lane’ in North Kolkata is themed on music, traversing old and new tunes. Bringing site visitors down memory lane using music as a style. Artist Pradip Das has outlined the soundscape finally.

‘SB Park’ region Durga Puja in Behala is a picture photographer’s joy where matured negatives and furthermore prints are an area of the subject. Prints of selfies are passed out as gifts to visitors.

The ‘33 Pally’ Durga puja at Beleghata in Kolkata expects the topic of the ‘Cycle of Existence’ with detailed installations of human figures and vivid cycles posing a potential threat over the pandal. Police here are equipped with 28 ambulances and save fire tenders at eight key places in case of any crisis. Six mobile help vans and 10 security vans are also ready for duty.

‘Badamtala Ashar Sangha’ Durga puja in Rashbehari, South Kolkata is a stunning propagation of urbanization, urban areas, and solid scenes.

A glimpse of Maha Navami Aarati at Maddox Square, Kolkata, in 2016. Video Courtesy – Youtube.

At the ‘Monotosh Smritisangha’ Durga puja in Rashbehari, South Kolkata, India’s national fledgling, the peacock, finds itself key to the pandal’s brightening tasteful.

At the ‘Hindustan Park’ Durga puja, the pandal is enhanced by quantities of the Goddess Kali.

‘Sreebhumi Sporting Club’ Durga puja at Lake Town in Kolkata has demonstrated the current year’s pandal utilizing one of the prominent subjects, that of the royal residence of Mahishmati from Baahubali 2.

The great cultural mix-up is seen in these days of Durga puja. All communities and casts get together at this festival and culture. Communities from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai are seen together unitedly organizing events in this time along with the ‘Navaratri’ Festival.

There will be 8,000 – 10,000 police staff including 5,000 short-term home guards are be distributed on the streets of Kolkata through the pujas.

There will be 346 ‘Police Pickets’, 14 ‘River Petrol Groups’, 13 ‘Quick Response Groups’, 24 ‘Weighty Radio Flying Squads’ through the whole city. 46 ‘Watch Towers’ are raised with 74 additional ‘Surveillance Camera Systems’ were set up at different city streets to screen the mass movement.

Kolkata Police has been keeping strict monitoring on the CCTV footage of around 23 metro rail stations in the town during these Durga puja days.

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