China should immediately shut down wet markets – US Senetors

China should immediately shut down wet markets – US Senetors

After lockdown is lifted, Huanan market in Wuhan has started selling wild animal’s meat again. Image Courtesy – Indonesia Expat

Since the lockdown is over, China’s ‘wet market’ has been running again according to local media news. There are reports that bats, dogs, pangolins are being sold in the open market and people are buying them. However, it was reported that the first coronavirus infection started from such a seafood market. The demand for closure of the ‘wet market’ in Wuhan and other provinces also has already been raised by the international society. Now, America also has demanded this.

US Senetors demanded that another epidemic could spread out from this type of open market. China should immediately shut down these open markets where live and dead animals are sold. The US Senetors mailed to the Chinese Ambassador and stated that this kind of open markets might have importance in China, but this should be closed now considering the safety and health of the people throughout the world.

Since the coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese government imposed ban on sale and consumption of all types of wildlife. Various provincial governments took quick action to enforce the ban. The Chinese government claimed that all the open markets remained closed during the period of lockdown. But, an allegation came against the Chinese administration that after lifting of the lockdown act, selling of wildlife meat has been started in the wet markets again.

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Gao Fu, the Director, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China said that many claimed that the virus was transmitted from Wuhan’s market. The government has ordered to shut down of such markets for security.

Whatever be the Chinese claim, various international media have demanded that the government of Hubei reopened all its open markets by saying the virus transmission was reduced. Not only that, the sale of wild animal’s meat has already been started. The international media has continuously been claiming that China was hiding the number of infected and dead people. Even the US President Donald Trump has raised question about the report of the Chinese government, told the report has been manipulated. They concealed the truth earlier, and still keeping the whole world in the dark.

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