BSF shifted Tej Bahadur to different headquarter – covering up corruption inside organization

BSF shifted Tej Bahadur to different headquarter

BSF shifted Tej Bahadur to different headquarter – covering up corruption inside organization. Image Courtesy – Youtube.

The family of the BSF jawan, Tej Bahadur, who has made an allegation that low quality meal was being served to soldiers near the Line of Control (LoC) through online networking posts, on Wednesday, came to support him. They told that Tej Bahadur was just trying to delineate the reality by his demonstration. Even the government accepted that “some issues” were found there after an interim report has been received by the Home Ministry of India.

Wife of the constable, Tej Bahadur Yadav told that the demonstration, her husband gave, was just a reality. He just made a demand for ‘good food’ and ‘roti’ – instead of ‘burnt roti’ and ‘watery pulses’. She also commented that why her husband was not sent for treatment if he had mental problem. He was sent to the border with duty, because he was completely fit. It was a method of switching focus from the burning issue by the BSF organization.

Video Courtesy – Youtube.

Tej Bahadur’s son included that “it was not wrong” to request ‘good food’ for himself and the also for the soldiers posted on the border. His father has made everybody aware about what wrong has been happening with the soldiers. The people of the country should at least demand for proper justice for the soldiers who have been providing them fearless sleep at night.

Mr. Kiren Rijiju, the Minister of State for Home, told that his ministry had received an ‘interim report’ from the Border Security Force, and commented that there were some issues. He also requested the people and media not to make it a big issue, because it could break the spirit of the jawans.

Mr. Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister of India had observed the video and requested for an ‘appropriate action’ into the occurrence.

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Mr. Singh had tweeted, “I have seen a video regarding a BSF jawan’s plight. I have asked the Home Secretary to immediately seek a report from the BSF & take appropriate action”.

It was simply an unexpected incident to the citizen of India that those who are providing ‘ultimate safety’ to the nation – are really sufferer by corruption of their own organization. Those pictures and videos have opened our eyes.


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One Comment on “BSF shifted Tej Bahadur to different headquarter – covering up corruption inside organization”

  1. Corruption in the BSF is rampant and BSF Officers are corrupt to the core, 100% true and I have evidence to prove my fact (Ex BSF personnel are willing to come in front of camera to give witness and have given statements about various types and kinds of corruption done by BSF officers and I have the videos with me). This is a known fact, an open secret and if you need proof or evidence, go to any border village of W.Bengal and talk to villagers with a hidden camera . Even a small child will happily narrate stories about how BSF Officers actually conduct smuggling alongwith border smugglers and huge quantities of paddy, cattle, sugar, salt and many other commodities are smuggled out to Bangladesh with the connivance BSF officers. BSF Officers collect their share (not just bribe) by deploying BSF Jawans at the Border to count the number of trucks with sugar, paddy, salt, cycle parts etc. or the number of cattles smuggled out to Bangladesh. I am not sure about the share for each truck but the share to BSF officers for each pair joda) of cattle is Rs.1,000/-. Does the government want more evidence or proof to nail our corrupt BSF officers? And the shocking situation here is, everyone right from bottom to top BSF Officers are involved and share of smuggling money travels right from bottom till top to New Delhi. (Do you believe that a BSF Officer at any level can dare to do such a thing without cooperation and approval from his superiors??, impossible!!) I am a witness to all these as I have served for 30 years and know each and everything inside out and can help nail these corrupt BSF officers. I can’t expose myself because I know that BSF Officers are not just corrupt to the core but are also notorious to the extent that they will get me murdered.
    Of late we Indians are shocked or few are surprised on seeing the videos about corruption of BSF officers and the same is exposed by Jawans by uploading videos either on Youtube or on WhatsApp. First of all I am indebted to thank technology and all those who have contributed in whatever way they could to enable technology to reach the BSF even at remote locations like Kashmir in India and remote Indian borders where we hardly ever get Mobile Network coverages. Mobile network coverage is restricted at the borders by the Indian Government and hence mobile operators limit their network coverage atleast 5 miles before the border line or Indian borders. Now, lets leave alone this boring topic or technology and how news of corrupt BSF officers could reach the general public and all over the world.
    First things first, what ever these BSF Jawans have uploaded is definitely the truth as it has been videographed in a clandestine and secret manner. The bad news is that this only the ‘Tip of the Ice Berg’. In my 30 years of service in BSF (Indian Border Security Force), I had not seen any one thing that I can appreciate or say, It is how it should be! Right from day one when I stepped into the BSF after enrollment I could openly smell corruption at every level and pathetically enough at every place of corruption, BSF officers were openly involved. I will give you good examples with incidents which will serve as a concrete proof to nail these corrupt BSF Officers. But, firstly lets talk about the burning topic – ‘Poor quality or Sub Standard quality of food provided to BSF Jawans’. To understand how this works, we need to understand how this system of Corrupt BSF works and what is the arrangement and how does this system of BSF Ration corruption of Jawan’s food scam work?
    BSF Jawans are paid Rs.3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand) every month alongwith their salaries for their food which is called RMA (Ration Money Allowances) and this money is supposed to be spent for their food or mess. This RMA is not paid to Jawans who are serving under Indian Army control areas such as ‘High Altitude’ postings in Kashmir like Siachin, Leh, Ladakh, Kargil etc and instead directly debited to Government Accounts since ration is provided by Indian Army and they don’t need to purchase. In these Indian Army controlled stations (Ops Control), rations or provisions are provided by Indian Army to BSF and again our corrupt BSF officers have complete control over these rations which are sold in the market. The reason being that, rations or food provisioning for ‘Hard Areas’ like High Altitude stations in Kashmir are very lavish and generally due to many climatic as well as atmosperic constraints BSF jawans are not able to consume or eat even normal quantities of food. The main reason being that, at high altitudes such a Siachin, Kargil being high altitudes there is insufficiency of Oxygen in the air and hence the whole human body system gets adversely affected the major one being that the body cannot digest food. This results in Jawans taking very little food in a whole day like which could be equated to one time’s meal in a normal area. But the Indian Government or the Indian Army supplies all provisions as per ration scale which is very huge and practically not cosumable and the only options are;
    A. Throw away the excessive rations.
    B. Return the excessive ration.
    C. Inform the Indian Army and the Indian Government that this much quantity of rations is not required since it is way beyond normal ration requirement.
    D. Comfortably sell the excess as well as not excess ration and accumulate huge amounts of Black Money by corrupt BSF Officers.
    (Guess which of these options will our corrupt BSF Officers choose and I will award you with a noble prize).
    This could help the Defense Ministry in planning to lower the budget and purchase lesser amount of ration and save the Indian’s tax money and ultimately empower our economy. But, this never ever happens and has never ever happened. What happens is that, one of the lower ranks who are called ‘Battalion Quarter Master Havildar’ (BQMH), which every BSF battalion has, who is a ‘Head Constable’, supposed to be the one maintaining records regarding everything pertaining to Rations will have these data ready with him and this particular guy will a pet of the Commanding Officer (BSF Commandant) who is in the rank of Commandant as well as all the staff officers of that BSF Battalion. This BQMH will apprise our corrupt BSF officers about the status of rations received or purchased and how much need be sent to remote posts in High Altitudes and how much can be sold and he also will be having contacts with civilian suppliers, touts and buyers who will come and collect the Jawan’s ration by illegal sale. All this happens in a top secret manner and nobody except the 3-4 staff officers at Battalion Headquarters including the Commandant will know. The jawans posted and deployed at ‘Forward Posts’ or High Altitude posts are not aware of how much they are entitled and how much is received. Nobody is allowed to intervene in all these ration operations and this is just like a Red-Tapism or Top Secret operation. This kind of corruption is again just the ‘Tip of the Ice Berg’ where corrupt BSF Officers make crores in black money and each one has accumulated crores of black money and purchased Binami Properties at major cities. This is about Mr.Tej Bahadur Yadav the Constable who had uploded a Video about poor and pathetic quality of food provided to BSF Jawans at forward posts or BSF Companies.
    Now, lets see the system of corruption of BSF officers when this BSF Battalion comes to peace area or some other station after serving their mandatory two years in Hard Area under Indian Army control. Here the the RMA (Ration Money Allowances) is paid to every BSF Jawan alongwith their salaries and they are supposed to purchase their own ration and consume. Lets see how does this system work! BSF has a strength of about 2,00,000 officers and men (could be a little more) and the organizational structure is as under.
    The top most formation is the Force Headquarters (FHQ) which is the office of the Director of BSF and he is called the Director General (DG BSF). This headquarters is apex and controls the whole force for operational, administrative and welfare lines and personnel serving here are not deployed in any kind of field or combatant duties and rather have a 9-5 job. This is a permanent station at New Delhi and has several branches, department and divisions to deal with different administrative units of the organization. Under the DG BSF headquarters is the Frontier Headquarters which is headed by Inspectors General (IG) and is located at all major towns near Indian Borders and strategic locations. This headquarters again has several divisions and departments to control various departments under them, personnel serving here are not deployed in any kind of field or combatant duties and rather have a 9-5 job. The IG has several Sector Headquarters under him and will be reporting to the DG regarding all Sector Headquarters under him. Next and under the Frontier Headquarters is the Sector Headquarters which is headed or commanded by DIG (Deputy Inspectors General). The DIG has several BSF Battalions under him and will be reporting to the concerned IG and is reponsible for all BSF Battalions under him. The next lower level is BSF Battalions or BSF units which are commanded by a Commandants and has around 1200 officers & men and deployed on Borders, active duties, Internal Security Duties, Anti-Insurgency Duties, Field Duties and Combatant Duties.
    So, only BSF Battalions are the fighting forces and rest all formations and headquarters above them are purely for administrative purpose who are not directly deployed on any kind of field or operationsal duties. This is the place where all the money and corruption pours and is simphoned-off by corrupt BSF Officers. Lets begin with Jawans mess or rations, like I said, each BSF Jawan is paid alongwith his/her salaries an amount of Rs.3,000/- (approximately) per month for ration or food which they are supposed to purchase and consume.
    Every BSF Battalion is divided into 9 Companies comprising of about 100 men each including one officer each. The companies are named from ‘A’ to ‘G’ company and the rest two are called ‘Headquarter Company’ and ‘SP Company’ and these two Companies will be permanently deployed at Battalion Headquarters, personnel of these two companies would definitely be all those who are pets to that particularBattalion’s staff officers and are not deployed on Border Duties. Now, BSF Jawans can’t go to a restaurant or hotel to have food just like Police personnel due to excessive duties of 14 hours a day and due to the fact that they are not allowed to leave their camp except for official duties or annual vacations (leave).
    So, the Government has enrolled ‘Cooks’ in the BSF who cook food for Jawans and there is a set-up of a ‘Jawans Mess’ at every BSF post and Headquarter. This jawan’s mess is managed by a ‘Mess Incharge’ who is supposed to be elected by all those BSF Jawans who take food from this mess and is normally a senior Constable or Headconstable. This mess incharge is responsible to run the mess with the amount of RMA which is Rs.3,000/= per month and per Jawan. Each BSF company is given the responsibility of 3-4 BOPs (Border Out Posts) at the border and out of these posts one post would be the ‘Company Headquarters’ and has a strength of about 50-60 Jawans and one officer who is the Company Commander (The biggest Bully). The other 2-3 BOPs are called ‘Forward Post’ or ‘Platoon Post’ which usually have a strength of about 20-25 Jawans.
    Dry Rations like Rice, Dal, Masalas, Sugar, Tea Leaf etc are centrally purchased from local markets by corrupt BSF Staff Officer at Battalion Headquarters (after taking a huge commision, share and bribe from the suppliers). Do I have to mention here that the supplier who pays a huge bribe to the corrupt BSF Commandant and other corrupt BSF staff officers at Battalion Headquarter will supply only sub standard and low quality dry rations such low quality Rice, Atta, Dal, Sugar, Milk Powder, Masala etc. This ration is supplied to the Companies deployed at BOPs or Border as per their monthly demand and they pay for it in cash to the Battalion Headquarters. This takes care of the ‘Dry Rations’, now they also need ‘Fresh Rations’ like vegetables, milk, meat etc which each mess or each Company purchases from local border village shops and pay in cash, there is no billl for this hence the Mess Incharge prepares a bill in a small white paper and gets it countersigned by the Company Commander or Post Commander and hence this becomes a valid bill and that is always escalated in costs. The Mess Incharge in agreement with the Company Commander or Post Commander, always prepares bills above the amount expended and escalating the quantity and rates. For example, they purchase 5 litres of milk everyday but will prepare bill for 8 litres of milk every day and if the have purchased 2 kilograms of meat, they will prepare a bill for 5 kilograms of meat.
    Can you see that, now the Mess Incharge and Company Commander is left with plenty of excess Mess Money which they will pocket and everything now, seems perfect on papers. Now what happened here is that the Jawan got less quantity and sub standard food and every one pocketed money out of the Jawan’s RMA. Lets now have a glance of the amount of Mess Money that is available for running a Jawan’s Mess at the lowest level that is, the Platoon Post BOP whose strength is not more than 30. 30X3000 is Rs.90,000/- for 30 Jawans for a month. Do you think this is any less amount of money when everything is taken care of, Government provides vehicles to purchase everything, cooks to cook, free electricity for mess, free water, free cook house (no rent for the Mess space). So, all of this Rs.90,000/- is available for these 30 Jawans for food in a month and I can prove and promise that each of these BSF Jawan’s can have a King’s meal 3 times a day for 30 days and still would find it difficult to expend all of this Rs.90,000/- in a month (we all run a food expense budget at home where we have to pay our house rent, pay for electricity and purchase premium rate condiments, rations and vegetales etc. and we know for sure that Rs.3,000/- a month is like a lot of money for home cooked food).
    Now, corrupt BSF staff officers at Battalion Headquarters are aware of this situation very well and take advantage of it by demanding a ‘Lion’s Share’ from the Jawan’s Mess Money. This they do by visiting BOPs (Border Out Posts) under the context of ‘Official Duty Visit’ which is with the sole purpose of taking stock of the BOPs operations, administration and interacting with Jawans to listen to their problems if any. Officers when visit a BOP, the Company Commander has to spend more than Rs.2,000/- for this one Officer for one single visit. The following has to provided for this Battalion Headquarters Staff Officer’s visit or stay;
    • Meat in the form of Chicken, Fish and Mutton – 1 kilogram.
    • Milk – 1 Litre
    • Kaju, Badam, Kismiss
    • Curd
    • Liquor such as expesive Whisky – 1 Bottle
    • Side dish and plenty of expensive snacks.
    • Special and expensive Rice (BSF Staff officers visiting BOPs from Battalion Headquarters usually don’t take the Rice cooked for Jawans and expensive Rice like ‘Basmati’ rice is purchased from local market).
    • Eggs
    • Special green salads
    All this at the expense of Jawan’s Mess Money (The Rs.90,000/-) and the biggest prank is that when leaving in the morning after enjoying a grand and VIP party from Jawan’s mess money this shameless corrupt BSF officer will pay the normal Mess Bill of about Rs.55/- or Rs.60/- for one Dinner or one Lunch. Very well aware that he has consumed more than Rs.2,000/- they are glad to eat away Jawan’s money and every visit to the BOPs is a big grand picnic for these corrupt BSF officers. Every BOP will have about 10 visits or night halts by Battalion Headquarters Staff Officers. They even bring their families, wives, kids to BOPs and again the same thing. Plenty of expensive food, liquor, snacks, meat, milk, coffee etc etc…… These kinds of items which is provided to these corrupt BSF officers out of BSF Jawan’s Mess Money is never even seen by a Jawan. A Jawan never even gets to see such kinds of expensive, posh and grand food in his life but unknowingly feeds our corrupt BSF Officers out of his poor pocket. Now, don’t you think these corrupt BSF officers should be shot down? And this is the reason why Tej Bahadur Yadav pointed his gun toward one of the corrupt BSF Officers.
    This was the story about visiting corrupt BSF officers now, lets see how the Company Commander at Company Headquarter BOP has a special menu above the Jawan’s Mess Menu and has a grand and VIP meal 3 times a day. The Company Commander is an entry level BSF Officer in the rank of Assistant Commandant (AC) and is the head for the whole company comprising more than 100 men in 3-4 BOPs including the Company Headquarters BOP that he stays in. This Officer is supposed to have the same food that is prepared in the Jawan’s Mess and pay the same amount of monthly Mess Bill at the end of every month like all Jawans. But, this never happens and below is the special menu for the Company Commmander;
    • One glass of milk every morning.
    • Special Coffee with pure milk and not the Jawan’s Mess Tea.
    • Special Chapattis or Poori with Specially prepared vegetables and Dal, fruits etc for breakfast.
    • Curd everyday for breakfast.
    • 500 grams of fruits everyday.
    • Green salads everyday.
    • Liquor, almost everyday.
    • Specially prepared Dal and vegetables with special ‘Tadka’, green salads, fruits etc for lunch.
    • Plenty of snacks and nuts in his room for him to consume when ever he wants.
    All this from Jawan’s Mess Money and when you see the kind of food that a Jawan gets to eat, its just pathetic just like Tej Bahadur had uploaded – Dal which just appears ‘Yellowish’and with nothing in it except for ‘Haldi and Salt’.
    When so much money is siphoned-off from the Jawan’s mess money, how will he get a good food??
    The most pathetic part of this situation is that, everthing in the BOP, like stationaries, paints, minor repair works like electrical, plumbing etc are carried out with money from Jawan’s mess money and the battalion headquarters, which is supposed to take care of all those things, never ever extends any kind of support.
    There are certain constraints in the mess that does not permit Jawans to have or choose expensive food or good food such as;
    • Cooks are enrolled in BSF, but they are not cooks because they are enrolled as random employees and have no idea about cooking and learn it on the job from their seniors.
    • Each platoon post or forward post has only one cook who is a full time employee and works for more than 15 hours every day till he gets annual vacations.
    • These cooks are not trained in the art of cooking but given combatant training of 6 months but, there is no provisions to train them on cooking.
    • All Cooks in the BSF are Group-IV employees and have to work more than 15 hours everyday starting from 3 or 4 AM in the morning and mostly till late night.
    • Cooks are on excessive stress due to continues work and no entertainment of any kind except for the few hours he gets to sleep and think about his family.
    • He can’t cook good food due the fact that even though his designation is ‘Cook’ he has no idea about cooking and has never been trained on it like they train Cooks in orgaizations like Indian Navy.
    These culinary and cooking constraint prevent a BSF Jawan from getting good food even though a Jawan is paid good amount of money for his food.

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