Benefits of Office Yoga for working people

Benefits of Office Yoga for working people

Benefits of Office Yoga for working people. Heart & lunghs activity demonstrated by one of the top yogagurus of India, Yogaguru Suneel Singh. Image Courtesy – Vijay Gautam

In short span of time we can remain healthy by doing some yoga practices even in our office. In this cycle, we will tell you how we can keep our heart, lungs, back, lower back, stomach, arms & legs healthy. These activities on the one hand, affect our efficiency, on the other hand bring smartness to our personality & develop a positive thinking and attitude towards life, society and country. These activities not only bring a motion to our backbone & torso but strengthen our bones thus keeping us healthy throughout life.



Sit on a chair comfortably in office or home, keep left hand on chair arms or in your lap. Back and neck should be straight & body, face and eyes must be relaxed. Now make your right palm cup shaped & strike this palm slowly at your heart on left side of the chest. Practice this at least for 50 times.


This activity is helpful in the massage of our heart. It improves our blood circulation & efficiency. It strengthens our heart.


Whenever we take breath, we inhale 500 cubic cm of air in our lungs but we can inhale 3,000 cubic cm through these activities. Sit in a chair easily, expand your chest to your maximum by inhaling through nostrils, hold it & now release the air. Practice it at least for 10 to 15 times. Keep your eyes closed throughout the exercise & feel that we are taking positive energy inside & releasing negative energy outside. This feeling is very useful.

NOTE: Heart patients & high blood pressure patients should not hold the air – just inhale & exhale.


As we get more air for our lungs, our efficiency increases. It is very good for asthmatics & T.B patients.

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Sit on a chair comfortably, keep your legs & feet together. Now bend your lower back to left side, neck & right hand to left side. Hold right arm of the chair with left hand. Hold in this position & now do it from other side. Keep your eyes open while doing it. Practice it at least for 10 times from both sides.


Sit in front portion of your chair and keep same space between your shoulders. Now left your left arm upward, inhaling, right hand will touch the ground between the legs & hold in this position for 5 seconds eyes & neck should be upward. Practice this from other side also. Do this for 10 times from both sides.

Lower Back Activity 1 (Left) and Lower Back Activity 2 (Right).

Lower Back Activity of different type.


This cures all the problems of lower back & reduces fat from the back with strengthening it.

NOTE: Please remember that there should be a minimum gap of 3 hours between lunch & exercise.


Sit on a chair, put both your hands on chair arms and now fill your tummy while inhaling slowly & expand it outward. Hold in this position and now slowly exhale & contract your tummy to maximum. Repeat this exercise as much as you can.

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In this activity, sit in above mentioned posture and while breathing pull your tummy towards inside, keep sitting but breathing should be normal. Practice it to your maximum capacity.

Tummy Activity (Left) and Power Zone (Right).


We can reduce tummy through this process. These activities balance our body, mind & breathing. This activity strengthens our tummy muscles, pancreas gland & pelvic region.

NOTE: Heart patients, ulcer patients & high blood pressure patients should avoid this. Keep a gap of minimum 3 hours between these exercises.


Stand close to a wall, so that your chest and palm touches the wall. Back & neck must be straight, now lift your right leg backward, without bending to 30-45 degrees. Count up to 10 in your mind & now do it from other leg, keeping your breathing normal. Do it for 10 times.

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Sit on chair. Knees & legs must be together, now with your right hand held the front part of the chair. Now twist your body to left side & try to look your shoulders from its back side, holding the right side of chair with left arm. Hold it for 5 seconds & practice it from other side.

Back Activity 1 (Left) and Back Activity 2 (Right).


Sit on a chair comfortably. Unite your legs, back absolutely straight, now hold the front portion of the chair with both your hands and bend your shoulders & neck towards front side. Holding both sides of the chair, keep your neck & head straight while making an arch from your back.


These activities directly affect our vertebral column which makes our back slim and strong. Good for people who are working on computers.


It is said that silence can do the best. Lord Mahavira observed silence for 12 years & also preached his students not to speak unnecessarily. In office yoga, we can sit silently in our chair so practice this. We can carry on our work without speaking. Practice it at last for half an hour.

Back Activity 3 (Left) and Silence Activity (Right).


Silence is helpful to encounter our own being. Shakespeare has said that silence is the pilot of bliss. Silence gives up power & strength.

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