Abandoned Galaxy gives birth to hundreds of stars

Abandoned Galaxy gives birth to hundreds of stars

An abandoned Galaxy gives birth to hundreds of stars. Image Courtesy – http://time.com

A few stars are generally formed by galaxies every year. But, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured some unnatural images about forming of stars. Galaxies are creating stars 100 times than the normal situation. This behaviour of galaxies creating stars is called ‘starburst’.

The galaxy, MCG+07-33-027, is 300 million light-years from our earth. But, it is clearly noticeable to astronomers because of its active and splendid star creating regions.

The general phenomenon is that parent galaxies create stars out of substantial supplies of gas within its area. These are gradually evacuated after some time as more stars are created. A starburst – the time of exceptional star development, generally happens when one galaxy conflicts into one of its neighbour galaxy. But, the astronomers observed that this galaxy is completely abandoned, and its neighbour galaxies are far away from it.

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Scientists are in trying to find out the reason that without a collision, how the starburst is possible in case of the galaxy MCG+07-33-027. Astronomers have been doing a lot of speculation on the reason.

With respect to that bright object seen in the picture, that is a much nearer star in our own galaxy.

Reference: Time

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