A true determination triumphs

A true determination triumphs

The story of Sylvester Stallone is like a glittering stone where the radiance of inspiration truly comes out. Image Courtesy – https://www.directexpose.com

The story of Sylvester Stallone is like a glittering stone where the radiance of inspiration is truly coming out all the time. He succeeded in his life from almost unbelievable circumstances to the optimum level of popularity, name and fame that he now appreciates.

Stallone attended school in rural Philadelphia where he initially began acting. At American school of Switzerland in Geneva, he instructed for two years. He came back in the United States where he joined as a Drama Director at the University of Miami, and simultaneously started writing scripts.

He did not complete his graduation and moved to New York to seek after his acting profession. He appeared for audition for nearly all casting representative in the town and did not pass. He became more dedicated to writing and composed numerous screenplays. But, his eyes were fixed on his target – a successful acting career.

He got a break in 1974 as one of the leading roles in “The Lords of Flatbush”. However he got his first composition credit for extra dialog on this film. But this little break could not give him that much of momentum to come into the limelight. He was getting rejected with auditions one after another. Even his written screenplays were also getting similar rejections.

Stallone was facing tremendous hardship and was living in a despairing situation. He could manage his family expenses very hardly. One day, he was walking in the roads of New York in winter, he got inside the library to keep himself warm. Gradually this incident turned into a habit for him in winter seasons.

Amid his time at the library, he started pursuing books from scholars like Tolstoy, Edgar Allan Poe etc. This empowered him a touch of extra capability in his writing and so he sought after this more and more. He was distressed to get work at that time however he could not achieve a normal occupation. But his target has been solidified in his mind; he needed to be an actor and that was it. But, in that period, he depended on numerous things like selling his wife’s jewellery. There are some matters in life that a man should not do to keep healthy family relation. But he was compelled to do so.

One day, Stallone was viewing a battle between Weppner and Ali, sitting at his home. Weppner was getting totally butchered yet continued keeping his ground and was preparing to come back once again. This underdog was truly battling for it. This incident inspired Stallone to start composing in the light of his motivation to become an actor. He composed for more than 24 hours in a row and after this time he had composed the whole script of Rocky.

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He started attempting to offer the screenplay to numerous producers. But every time got rejected. This situation continued for a long time. He was so poor by that time that he decided to sell his dog, which was his best friend also. Stallone stood outside of a nearby alcohol store inquiring as to whether they would purchase his dog. Somebody purchased the dog for around $50 after quite a long time. But Stallone became mentally devastated to do this.

He continued pursing his screenplay day after day. At last somebody liked it and they agreed to do a movie with the script. He was overjoyed and told them that he wanted to play the role of Rocky. They declined and let him know he was a writer, not an actor. Stallone strongly disagreed with them and focussed himself as an actor. They offered $100,000 for his script, but he refused their offer despite having wretched condition.

After several weeks they reached him with much higher offer. But Stallone got stuck to his point that he would play Rocky. Obviously they declined his urge at the end of the day. Anybody might say in this situation that Stallone was Crazy. Because, the situation was so grave that he could scarcely even eat.

The offer continued rising so hopefully he would offer them the film without playing the role. The price of his script rose to around $400 000 and still he declined. He was sure that he was a performing artist and that was it, there was no compromise to it.

At last they offered Stallone very much ridiculously. They offered $25000 cash with agreeing him to play as the lead role. Stallone accepted the offer. At that point the first thing he decided was to go back to the alcohol store to purchase back his dog.

He waited for 3 days for the gentleman to come there with his dog. Finally the gentleman came with the puppy. Stallone then offered the fellow $150 to purchase back the dog, but the man refused. The offer continued rising, however once more, Stallone knew his target and continued seeking his goal. Somehow Stallone managed the gentleman to get back his dog. But he had to pay him $15000, almost a part of the money he got for the film. To be mentioned here, the gentleman and the dog are in the Rocky film.

Obviously we all comprehend what happened with the Rocky film, it was an extremely popular film that won the Academy Award in 1976. At the Award Ceremony Stallone read out all the rejection slips he got from the people who predicted the film would be over-sentimental, unsurprising and a film that nobody would need to watch.

This is a story of triumph of such a person who rose from a zero position. The story demonstrates that you have all the assets you have to beat any obstacle in life and accomplish any target you have in life, regardless of your age, background, sex and caste. True determination give results every time in every situation. True dedication battles off disappointment much more efficiently than talent, skill and luck factor. Sylvester Stallone has become a great example as he fulfilled his target in life from almost a zero position to a Super Hero.

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