A new style in Bengali Recitation initiated by Sayak Chhetri

A new style in Bengali Recitation initiated by Sayak Chhetri

A new style in Bengali Recitation is initiated by Sayak Chhetri. Image Courtesy – YouTube

A new style in Bengali Recitation is initiated by Sayak Chhetri. Recitation is a form of presentation of words written in prose or poetry. It demonstrates the dynamism of the concept or the subject in such a way that people can visualize and observe the feeling by hearing this. Recitation creates an ambience with the expression, variation of voice tone and acting through pronunciation.

Many people are there in India this profession in so many languages. There are many eminent people in West Bengal who use to perform recitation in the Bengali language like Bratati Bandopadhyay, Soumitra Chatterjee, Partha Ghosh, Gouri Ghosh, Niladri Sekhar Basu, Subroto Bondyopadhyay etc. Everybody has their own style of expression.

Shapath – Kakdweep is a Bengali poem written by Salil Chowdhury. Video Courtesy – YouTube

A name which was unknown to everybody as a reciter in this field was Mihir Rakshit. This person never came into the focus in the society only because he was reluctant to publicity. He was a banking service professional with huge talent in this field. He has been training many students in this field with his depth of knowledge and expertise. Many students are being trained at his Garia based training centre.

Sayak Chhetri is one of his students. Sayak has also undergone training from Mihir Rakshit for several years and now he is emerging as a ‘Recitation Artist’. Sayak has recently started to upload his live performances in YouTube also.

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Sayak Chhetri is a visualizer in the IT industry. Though his origin was in Nepal, he was brought-up in Tamluk in Midnapore district of West Bengal. He completed his schooling from Byabattarhat Adarsha High School in Midnapore district, West Bengal. After completing the school level, he has graduated in BA from the University of Calcutta. Later he came to Garia, southern region of Kolkata to upgrade his qualification in the field of technology and joined Multimedia course. He got acquainted with Mihir Rakshit by a friend of his elder brother, and the journey of his recitation started from there.

‘Hathat Dekha’ is a Bengali poem written by Rabindranather Tagore. Video Courtesy – YouTube

We often listen to Bengali recitation of several eminent personalities like Bratati Bandopadhyay, Soumitra Chatterjee, Partha Ghosh, Gouri Ghosh etc. everywhere in Bengal. It is called the cultural capital of India. If your perception is clear, you can observe that thousands and thousands of talented people are scattered everywhere in Bengal. Sayak Chhetri is one of such talented persons who is creating his own style in Bengali recitation. You will get the absolute ambience of the subject of poetry through his pronunciation, tone and vibration of voice and variation of moods through his expressions.

Sometimes, we become spellbound on observing his love for Bengali culture and tradition. We wish him grand success in this cultural journey. We will be waiting for his coming performances with full of creativity.

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