A new campaign for Gay Marriage to start in US

A new campaign for Gay Marriage to start in US

Another battle needs to turn the conventional save-the-date wedding declaration into a sweet demonstration of political challenge. The famous organisation of US, “Tie the Knot”, launched a video recently to encourage same-sex couples. They have taken initiative to move “save-the-date” announcement statement to the Supreme Court justices of US before taking their decision on 4 marriage equality cases.

“Tie the Knot” was established to consolidate a few favourite things of the people of US like amusingness, style, uniqueness, design, craftsmanship, and balance. The organisation was established by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita. Its objective was to support for the social liberties of gay and lesbian Americans all through the United States & outside.

They have formed a planned structure to educate people of America, as well as maintaining a dynamic blog which would stay up with the latest updates on important news and marriage equality advancements all through the nation. In their opinion, a huge number of people all through the world are being rejected human rights only because their identity is not clear.

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At the point when the Supreme Court of US will start verbal arguments for the cases, booked for the end of April, the association’s site will give a Wright for couples to present their wedding details. Those will be changed into paper documents and will be delivered to the Supreme Court by hand. Members will keep a computerized record of their “save-the-dates”.

Creative director of The Martin Agency, Jonathan L. Richman told that they were approaching this issue beyond politics and expert’s opinion. Because the lives of real people were hampered and nearly hanging in the balance. Jonathan L. Richman stated that the Supreme Court will consider the constitutionality of bans on gay marriage in various states like Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky etc.

The event has effectively incited a monstrous overflowing of support from the general people for marriage equality. The Human Rights Campaigned a LGBT civil rights organisation and has given a “brief” on behalf of the people to the Supreme Court in March. The “brief” was of 3,500 pages in length, 2,07,000 people signed on that and it reached to the court in 19 containers. Richman is expecting to see invitations of “save-the-date” campaign to reach the US Supreme Court through huge number of boxes like the “people’s brief” earlier.

They are expecting the court to give approval for “Gay Marriage” because there are so many weddings to be held in real life, actually waiting for the court’s green signal.

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