A mysterious rainbow is seen in the sky of Kolkata

A mysterious rainbow is seen in the sky of Kolkata

A mysterious rainbow seen in the sky of Kolkata. Image Courtesy – Bigumbrella

While individuals in vast parts of Kolkata were occupied with voting in the terrifically vital fifth phase of election, a “mysterious” sight enthralled online networking jabber for some time, adding a few shades to the free-streaming adda sessions basic in the by-lanes of the city.

A rainbow coloured ring around the sun, prominently known as ’22 degree round radiance’ was located on Saturday noon in the city. The wonder was seen somewhere around 12.10pm and 12.40pm when the fifth and penultimate period of elections was in progress in various parts of the city.

The entire celestial phenomenon lasted for just a couple of minutes, yet the gossip started keeping being on full swing. Is doomsday close? Is it an image for ‘Didi’, that her ‘raj’ is going to end? Keeping aside all such talk on online networking, the genuine thinking behind the celestial sight is established in science.

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Coronas around the sun or moon happen when high, thin cirrus mists are floating high over our head. Minor ice crystals in Earth’s environment cause the radiances. They do this by refracting and mirroring the light. Mists contain a huge number of minute ice crystals. The radiances are often seen because of refraction or part of light or when light falls on those crystals. But one scientific point is there, they must be adjusted with respect to the viewer’s eye for the corona to show up.

Henceforth, every individual saw an alternate variant of the same radiance even in the brief minutes it was found in Kolkata. Essentially, it is an optical marvel delivered by light cooperating with suspended ice molecule in the air. A ‘circular halo’ was shaped and the rainbow shading was inferable from white light getting split up because of scattering.

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Positively, this is something else to discuss in what is ending up being a dreary day at the elections. Some people, who use to culture the subjects of Astrology and Religion, have their opinion that the sight we saw on Saturday noon, was a previous indication of ‘natural disaster’ or ‘dying of people in a huge range’. It was not an auspicious sign, it was an ominous indication.

Several people have several opinions on that incident. But, for the people of Kolkata, it was just a splendid sight and people got delighted and shared their photos in various social media.

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