What was Amartya Sen’s contribution for India? Dilip Ghosh questioned

BJP President Dilip Ghosh Bengal

What was Amartya Sen’s contribution for India? Dilip Ghosh questioned. Image Courtesy – http://indianexpress.com.

Dilip Ghosh, current president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, West Bengal unit, made an attack with invective language on Nobel Laureate Economist Amartya Sen. He questioned about Amartya Sen’s patriotism.

In a speech, Dilip Ghosh mentioned that Amartya Sen has received a Nobel Prize. But he had doubt whether Amartya Sen understood himself, or people. He also made an allegation that Amartya Sen has done nothing for India.

Previously, Amartya Sen made some comment against the Modi government regarding some steps. He also made his statement against the demonetisations happened in India. Amartya Sen compared the demonetisations announcement with a shock to human life. He also focussed the negative impact of demonetisations.

Was that the only reason for why Dilip Ghosh made an unprecedented attack to Nobel Laureate with abusive language?

Mr. Ghosh mentioned that Amartya Sen was being dragged away from the steering committee of the Nalanda University. Amartya Sen resigned from the post of chancellor of Nalanda University in February, 2015.

What was Amartya Sen’s contribution for India? Dilip Ghosh questioned. Video Courtesy – ABP Ananda.

Dilip Ghosh stated, “Everybody used to feel Amartya Sen as a pride of the Nation, as well as pride of Bengali speaking people. But, he has no spine, no character. People like Amartya Sen could be bought, could be sold, could be threatened; they could be buckled to feet”.

Vice-chancellor of Jadavpur University, Suranjan Das showed factual errors of the statement of Dilip Ghosh, West Bengal President of BJP, that Amartya Sen was not the Vice-chancellor of Nalanda University.

Criticisms have already started coming from various segments of the society with astonishment how a public leader of a national political party with this position can comment like this?

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