Vera Rivard, the USA girl swims across the English Channel

Vera Rivard of New Hampshire swims across the English Channel

Vera Rivard of New Hampshire swims across the English Channel. Image Courtesy – The Boston Globe

Sixteen-year-old Vera Rivard of New Hampshire, US swims across the English Channel. The Valley News reported that she was the second American to cross the English Channel this year. She has set a new record.

A girl of sixteen-year-old proved once again that all obstacles can be overcome with courage and strength of mind. In extremely cold water, with affected by the furs of jellyfish, she swam 53 kilometres in 14 hours.

Vera sailed from the Dover of UK at 9:30 am local time on Tuesday. He reached Calais beach in France just before midnight. According to the Channel Swimming Association, Vera swam a total of 33 miles (53 km).

“When I started swimming, the water temperature was 16 degrees Celsius. Then the water was getting colder and colder. Big waves and saltwater were irritating my eyes”, Vera expressed her experience.

A 53 km long swimming is not an easy task. Vera Rivard swam 14 hours a day. The English Channel contains many harmful marine animals. Adequate security measures were put in place to prevent any untoward situation. Family members in a boat were also around him. However, according to the law of Chanel Swimming Association, no one could approach her.

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According to Vera, the ever-decreasing temperature, the waves on it, the floating algae, the thorns of the aquatic plants were repeatedly intertwined. There was a burning sensation from the touch of Jellyfish’s fur. Before entering France, the tide was rising with a temperature of fewer than 9 degrees Celcius. Vera had to fall back after being pushed repeatedly. But, she overcomes all obstacles by increasing the strength of mind and with the target fixed.

She has been winning swimming championships from the age of 10 years. She has also the experience of swimming 25 miles continuously. Her mother, Darcie DeBlois-Rivard, said that she had been optimistic ever since her daughter joined the English Channel.

Vera Rivard not only swims fast, but she also wins the English Channel with skill. The water was cold, the waves were hurting her but she did not say anything. She did not also touch anyone or ask for any help. She continued swimming every 45 minutes with consuming energy gel and powdered energy drink. Her stubborn attitude and courage brought him victory.

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