To get rid of diseases follow Jal Yoga, Clapping and Laughter Yoga

To get rid of diseases follow Jal Yoga, Clapping and Laughter Yoga

’Swar Yoga’ demonstrated by Yoga guru Suneel Singh. Image Courtesy – Vijay Gautam

To keep the rail of life, healthy on track, and the answer is yoga. People have started practicing yoga as a fashion. It is also a fact that today’s lifestyle of running round the clock needs some sort of physical exercise and mental.

The main part of Yoga education is Asana, Pranayam, and concentration. The experts say that doesn’t make Yoga a fashion but make it a part of your life.

Yoga is a medicine for children, youths, old, sick as well as healthy and for all men and women. We are going to tell you how to practice Jal Yoga (water), Swar Yoga (sound), tali Yoga (clap), and Hasya Yoga (Laugh).

1. Jal Yoga (water): For Jal Yoga, early in the morning, water is to be taken. Usha Kal means the time when the darkness of the night vanishes and the light of the day emerges. Keep water full of copper bowel near your bed, and cover it. On getting up early in the morning drink as much water as you can. Slowly, with practice try to drink at least a glass full and a maximum of five glasses of water. We should drink water while sitting in each asana only.

Jal Yoga.

Benefits: By drinking water early in the morning, the stool gets cleared completely. The constipation vanishes and the heat generated in the night gets cooled off. The health experts say that every individual must drink 10 to 15 glasses of water a day in all seasons. The water washes our stomach and the blood reaches the digesting organs. This increases the immunity of the body to fight diseases. Water plays an important role in stabilizing the temperature of the body. The water reaches in the form of blood to all parts of the body and stabilizes the temperature. Water increases the working capacity of the Kidney, lungs, skin, and digesting system. By consuming enough water, sweat, urine, stool and other waste materials come out from the body regularly. As per the Ayurveda, ashpan is as good as Amritpan.

2. Swar Yoga (Sound Yoga): Swar Yoga means the science of breathing and sound. Swaradaya Vigyan means the knowledge of sound and breathings. When we breathe from the right nostril, this is known as the Sun sound or Pingla Nadi. When we breathe from both nostrils it is known as Madhya Swar, Susma Nadi, or Madhya Swar. When we breathe from the left nostril, this is known as Chandra Nadi or Idanadi or Chandra swar.

Health and Swar Yoga:

1. While taking bath, if your right nostril is working, it is very good. Especially for patients with Asthma, Cough, and Cold, etc.

2. Those who suffer from constipation, should practice Surya Swar to get rid of this problem.

3. You should practice Chandra Swar if you are suffering from fever. Slowly the fever will go away.

4. If we activate the right Swar while taking food, it helps to digest it easily and the problem of Gas, constipation vanishes forever.

5. Those suffering from sleeplessness should sleep with their left side resting and try to practice right swar. With this, you will get sound sleep.

6. Whenever you go out from your house for an interview or on a business trip, practice right swar and take the right step out first. You will succeed in your mission.

7. While having sex, men should practice Surya swar and women Chandra swar to get maximum enjoyment, and also the women Conceives easily.

8. For keeping good health and a disease-free body. One should Practice Surya swar at night and Chandra swar in the day.

Way to change Swara at your will:

By running or exercising the swaras are changed automatically.

Whichever swara you want to activate, sleep just opposite side and take a deep breath, you will find that the swara is changed.

Take clean cotton and put it in your nose and keep the nostril open. Whichever swara you want to activate, it will get so.

3. Tali Yoga (clapping): As per the procedure of treatment invented and practiced in Jin Shin Do and Sujok, our hands and palms have all the points to treat all the diseases. By pressing these points you can get relief from various diseases. Tali yoga is the way to go. The tradition of clapping while singing or Chanting Bhajans is a very old one. Clapping expresses happiness and also keeps you healthy. For clapping, we have to hit both our palms with each other. By doing this, all the points in our hands are activated and there is a gradual improvement in any type of ailment. The best example of Tali Yoga we get to see is in temples. When we clap in the temple, a mild heat is produced and the complete atmosphere transforms and becomes pleasant. With this, the blood cells in our body get energy and our immunity improves. Those suffering from indigestion, constipation, and bad appetite must practice this. Tap the palm of the left hand with the four fingers of the right hand for five minutes daily in the morning. Make sure that the sound of the clap should be the same all the time. By practicing for some days, you will get rid of all your ailments. Those suffering from back pain, joint pains, neck pain, etc must practice Tali Yoga for ten minutes daily. Make sure that palm hits palm and finger hit fingers. By practicing for few days you will get rid of your various diseases.

Tali Yoga

Tali Yoga.

Tali Yoga is very good for those who are suffering from low blood pressure. For practicing this, stand up and start clapping while rotating your hands all the sides, in a circular way. By practicing this, our body becomes energetic and we maintain normal blood pressure, and our lungs and heart get strength by practicing Tali Yoga. By practicing Tali Yoga we automatically attain the meditation posture and due to this, we get rid of our mental tension, lack of concentration, and likewise diseases.

4. Hasya Yoga (Laughing Yoga ): To measure soul satisfaction, physically healthy, and the stability of mind, there is only a one-yard stick and that is the shining happiness on your face. A cheerful person lives a longer life. In the world, Hasya Yoga is known as “Inner Jogging”. Our saints understood the importance of Hasya Yoga about 6000 years ago. If the people understand the importance of Hasya Yoga in their lives, the work of Doctors will reduce by half.

Hasya Yoga.

Laughing is a very good tonic. By laughing loudly the blood circulation increases and the digestion system starts working efficiently. Our immune system becomes stronger and the polluted air from the body (CO2) comes out and our breathing system stabilizes. It has been invented that the 600 muscles of our body get exercised together just by laughing once.

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