Stay healthy with Stone Age Diet

Stay healthy with Stone Age Diet

If you want to get close to your ancestral diet, then you must adopt yourself to some Stone Age ground rules for healthy diet that makes you strong as a Stone Age hunter. Image Courtesy –

This is impossible to gather all the required information about the actual diet of a Stone Age man. You just know some basic facts about their diet like they ate fish, red meat, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruits etc. However, this is not a complete list of Stone Age diet as there are more hidden facts.

The Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to get close to your ancestral diet, then you must adopt yourself to some Stone Age ground rules for healthy diet that makes you strong as a Stone Age hunter! On the ‘Yes’ list of Stone age diet, you have meat, fish, eggs, vegetable, fruits, tree roots, seeds, nuts and berries of many variants. You must perform daily exercise to burn out the extra calorie that can make you fat. On the ‘No’ list of this ancient diet system, there are grains, sugars, milk, edible oils. Stone Age men did not have access to processed food. Therefore, sugar, cheese, oils etc. was not on their diet.

Unique Diet Program

The diet system based on Stone Age food consumption is unique in its own way. The diet contains high protein food materials as well as carbohydrate. Therefore, you should not confuse it with other diet program such as low-carb or Atkins. Stone Age men were successful hunters besides they used to eat fruits and vegetables. It was not required to replace carbohydrate sources with protein as they have certain metabolism ability. In modern times, human beings may have lost this capacity of consuming carbohydrate with protein and stay healthy at the same time. The Stone Age diet comprises of all the natural sources of protein and carbs.

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The Reasons to Choose Stone Age Diet

There are three significant reasons to choose Stone Age diet plan. The natural selection factor works coherently within modern day human beings as the gene pool system is based on this factor. This principle directs you to practice diet from the Stone Age as it was the ideal of past environment. There are some genetic changes have occurred since man started practicing agriculture. The slow progress of genetic evolution signifies that you should settle to ancestral diet as your body is still able to adopt itself to this diet plan. The affluent lifestyle of modern day human being has generated chronic diseases as compared to physical health of the ancestors.

The Evolution Facts

The first human primate, Neanderthal, was a carnivore eating meat, fish and other sources of animal protein. Fat was considered important in their diet. Human evolution has bred a new generation of Paleolithic man. They were the first primate who brought vegetables and fruits in their diet. However, this food source was accessible according to the seasonal condition. Since a few thousand years, human beings have started agriculture and producing dairy products. This evolution gap can be ignored as compared to the time frame of Stone Age diet. Therefore, following this ancient diet plan without processed foods and dairy products, you can maintain a healthy life.

You should adopt yourself to a daily Stone Age diet plan. In breakfast, you can consume eggs, smoked fish, nuts, bacon etc. The lunch time meal should contain meat, prawns, green vegetables rusk free sausage etc. At dinner, you can repeat eggs, vegetables, meat with berries and soya yoghurt.

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