Ray McDonald, defence of San Francisco bailed on domestic violence charges

Ray McDonald, defence of San Francisco 49ers bailed on domestic violence charges

Ray McDonald, defence of San Francisco 49ers bailed on domestic violence charges. Image Courtesy – https://www.espn.in

Ray McDonald, defence of San Francisco 49ers team of the National Football League USA was being arrested, jailed and bailed later for the charge of domestic violence.

Police arrested McDonald from his birthday party which was being celebrated for him as he turned 30 on Tuesday, 2014. McDonald’s fiancée was 10 weeks pregnant, told the police.

His punishments may be tougher if he is found guilty of sexual crime, domestic violence and vicious crimes on women. A repeated crime by McDonald can lead to ban from the league forever, said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, because his first punishment was for six-game for first offence.

The league’s policies were being modified when Roger Goodell was criticised for suspending Ray Rice only for two games. In that incident Baltimore Ravens was being captured on a video frame while pulling his unconscious fiancé from an elevator, followed by squabble.

Now as per new policies of the League, violation of domestic violence policy will lead to suspension for six games without pay, and violation for the second time will lead to lifetime ban, although offender can appeal for that. It was also decided that if an offender is commit a crime with weapons involved, if the allegation was against a pregnant woman, of commit a crime in front of a child, his ban could be much tougher.

McDonald was being released from the jail custody after depositing his bail although.

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