Masood-Asura Mardini to come very soon

Masood-Asura Mardini to come very soon

Masoodasura Mardini to come very soon. Image Courtesy –

“Om Namashchandikaye”

Devipaksha is knocking at the door. In 2016, Devipaksha is from 30th September to 11th October – Navratri and Durga Puja are held amid this period. According to Hindu religious system, Devipaksha also denotes the end of the ‘Pitru Paksha’ period, which is devoted to dead ancestors.

It is said that Goddess Durga begins her excursion towards the earth on the prime day of the Devipaksha period. ‘Ruler Ram’ needed to get the favours of ‘Goddess Durga’ before starting the war with ‘Ravana’. Along these lines he conjured Goddess Durga amid the ‘Devipaksha’ in the month of Ashwin (October – November). This is the reason that ‘Durga Puja’ occurs in the month of ‘Ashwina’, and it is also called as ‘Akal Bodhon’.

Hindu mythology tells an intriguing story of the wild clash of ‘Devi Durga’ with ‘Mahishasura’, an evil presence who earned the support of ‘Lord Shiva’ after long and hard ‘penance’. ‘Lord Shiva’, satisfied with the dedication of the evil presence, favoured him with a boon that no man or divinity would have the capacity to destroy him. Enabled with the boon, Mahishasura began his ‘rule of terror’ over the Universe and individuals were murdered hardheartedly. He even assaulted the home the Gods. The war amongst Gods and devils continued for hundred years, in which ‘Mahishasura’ was the ‘Leader’ of the ‘Asuras’ or ‘evil spirits’. In this challenge the armed force of the divine beings was crushed by the all the more powerful evil presences. At the point when ‘Mahishasura’ vanquished the gods, he turned into their ‘leader’.

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It is a mythological story with which the Hindu ritual and puja of the Goddess ‘Devi Durga’ has been continuing for thousands of years. But, the new form of ‘Asuras’ these days have been disturbing the world in the name of ‘terrorist’. Several terrorist groups are formed throughout the world. Pakistan, Afganistan are such countries, which use to promote ‘Terrorism’ for their vested interest.

A lion’s share of the assaults completed by the terrorist group ‘Jaish’ as of late have been suicide assaults, in fact, the outfit presented the idea of the suicide besieging in Kashmir insurrection when it did its first suicide assault in April 2000. An 18-year-old Srinagar kid exploded an auto bomb outside the Army’s 15 Corps home office in Srinagar. It was additionally interestingly that an activist bound with explosives exploded himself in the contention-ridden state.

The terrorist group ‘Jaish’ was established by ‘Maulana Masood Azhar’, a blazing speaker, in January 2000 after his discharge in Taliban-represented Kandahar, Afghanistan, from Jammu’s Kot Balwal prison in return for travelers of commandeered IC-814 Indian Airlines plane. ‘Masood Azhar’ was captured in Srinagar in 1994 on psychological warfare charges. This leader has proved himself as a perfect matching with ‘Mahishasura’ – the mythological terrorist of ancient era. He is continuously disturbing Mother India and Indian people, and killing people rampantly for their vested interest.

In ‘Devipaksha’ we should pray to our ‘Supreme Power’ in the name of ‘Goddess Durga’ to destroy the demon ‘Masood Azhar’ and his group like ‘Mahishasura’ and save people of India as well as the world.

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