Luxurious spa in India

Luxurious spa in India

Luxurious spa treatments in India. Image Courtesy –

Spas are used as remedies for replenishing and rejuvenating since centuries. If properly done, spa treatment can bring incredible effect to your body. India has been known for its medicinal spa treatments for ages. You can find many spa centres all over India, where you will be offered luxury spa treatments, sauna, massage and other amenities. All you have to do is excuse yourself from your mundane, stressed life and visit a resort or destination spa according to your choice and convenience.

If you visit northern part of India, not only you will get a picturesque view of the Great Himalayan range, but you can have a heavenly experience of ayurvedic spa centres also. Rishikesh will welcome you with its peaceful natural beauty which will do the meditation for you itself. In the lap of Himalaya, there are many ayurvedic centres at higher altitude. They often cure many old and uncured diseases at their ‘ashrams’. They treat you with lots of unnamed and not-so-famous spa treatments, you have not heard of even. Many people from abroad also visit those places all over the year. They help you in attaining peace for your mind, body and soul. They follow traditional Indian Ayurvedic spa regimes.

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In northern part of India, you can avail other luxury spa treatments at Taj Lake Palace Hotel of Udaipur, Umaid Bhaban Palace Hotel in Jodhpur, Rambagh Palace Hotel at Jaipur, Oberoi Vanyabilas in Ranthambhor. These heritage palace hotels provide spa services for their guests only.

Come a bit down! Mumbai is known as a famous tourist destination. But, what remained unknown to most of the people is, it has many luxury spa treatment centres along Mumbai-Pune Expressway. You can find luxury spa treatment centres in Goa and Mysore also. Goa might not have very well-organised spa centres as such but the service experienced here are unforgettable.

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At the southern part of India, Kerala is world famous for its traditional ayurvedic spa centres. Even the alleys of Kerala consists luxury spa treatment centres. Jiva spa in Kerala is visited by tourists from all over world as well as its Indian visitors. The positive point is, in Kerala you can have spa treatment centres of all budgets. Kerala has plenty of such centres, which is mostly known as ayurvedic villages. The spa treatment may vary from such village centres to another but all of them follow conventional ayurvedic spa procedures. They cost around Rs.20,000 to Rs.6,00,000 depending upon the services provided.

All the spa treatment centres are considered as wellness centres also. They have very well organised managements, even if most of them are rural. These ayurvedic resorts or spa treatment centres offer massage, sauna, steam bath, beauty care along with wellness.

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