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Father of Horashatras or Prashna Jyotish is Maharshi Parashar. After Maharshi Parashar, various reputed scholars of astrology like Garg, Prajapoti, Vashistha, Yaban, Makranda, Kaushik, Varahamihira with their intensed study have modified this subject to a great extent. Parashar has introduced Horashastra long back in 3000 B.C.

Afterward, one of the authentic writers on this subject was Prithujosho, the son of Varahamihira. In the subsequent years, this subject was expanded in the Deccan region, during, those years an ancient script named ‘Ashtamangala’ earned much fame. Approximately 1500 years back from today Prithujosho had written a unique book on Horashastra named ‘Sathapanchashika’. There are 56 valuable formulas in total record in this book through which it is possible to reply correct answer of any question.

Whereabouts of Missing Person – Process:

In this process, destination or present status of a missing person is calculated. Astrologer has to ask the questionnaire – a number within 1 to 27. These are 27 stars or Nakshatras considered for calculation in applied Vedic Astrology.

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They are as follows:

(1) Ashwini, (2) Bharani, (3)Krittika, (4) Rohini, (5)Mrigashira, (6)Ardra, (7) Punarvasa, (8) Pushya, (9) Ashlesha, (10) Magha, (11) Purva Phalguni, (12) Uttara Phalguni, (13) Hasta, (14) Chitra, (15)Swati, (16) Vishakha, (17) Anuradha, (18) Jyestha, (19) Mula, (20) Purva Ashadha, (21) Uttara Ashadha, (22) Shravana, (23) Dhanistha, (24) Shatabhisha, (25) Purva Bhadrapada, (26) Uttara Bhadrapada, (27) Revati.

Suppose, someone has chosen the number 25, this number denotes Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra. Now counting has to start from number (3) i.e. ‘Krittika Nakshatra’.

From Krittika (3) to Purvabhadrapada (25) it comes to 23.

Now the number 23 is to be divided by the number 7.

i.e. 23/ 7=3 (quotient) and 2 (Remainder).

Therefore, according to the formula if the:

Remainder is 1 – Missing Person is somewhere nearby.

Remainder is 2 – Missing Person will come back soon

Remainder is 3 – Missing Person has gone somewhere else

Remainder is 4 – Missing Person will come back on that particular day.

Remainder is 5 – There will be delay

Remainder is 6 – Missing Person will be physically ill

Remainder is 7 – Person is trying hard to come back.

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  1. sir, our relative son named: muthumariswaran is missing. police said he is dead. will you please clarify this matter? his D.O.B:22.11.1994

    1. You are requested to contact the writer of the article. You can find contact numbers from the article page. Thank you.

  2. Hi Sir. My name is Megala.
    My mom is being missing since 26.08.2017
    There is no news about her and after she missing, there were people withdrawing money from her bank account. We couldnt find those unidentified person and police couldnt get any clue to solve this. My mom details as below.
    Name Danial Letchimee Karsenathan
    Date of Birth 01.07.1955
    Time of birth 11.20pm
    Place Georgetown Penang Malaysia

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