Indian Americans, Taiwanese, Tibetans protest to boycott China at Times Square

Indian Americans, Taiwanese, Tibetans protest to boycott China at Times Square

Indian Americans, Taiwanese, Tibetans protest to boycott China at Times Square. Image Courtesy – NewsX

There is a fear of corona infection, but in spite of that anti-China protest has started in the United States. Indians living in the United States also joined the protest in New York’s Times Square.

The Corona epidemic has taken a terrible situation in the United States. America has been the worst affected country in the world in terms of the number of victims and the number of deaths. Donald Trump’s country virtually collapsed with around 1 lakh 32 thousand deaths reported.

The total number of victims is 2,982,928 as per the statistics of today. Even in this situation, hundreds of people gathered in New York’s Times Square to show their protest against China.

Since the Galwan incident between India and China, anti-China protests have already started at several cities in the United States. This time in New York, people were seen holding placards, raising the Indian and Tibetan national flags along with chanting anti-China slogans. Most of the people were American of Indian origin. There were also Indian people living in the United States. Many Tibetans joined the protest and Americans of Taiwan origin were also present in the protest.

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Twenty Indian soldiers, including a colonel, were killed in a recent attack by Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh. Many were injured. China was blamed for the incident. The protesters also called for a boycott of Chinese products in the United States.

The protesters demanded that the aggression in India must be stopped and Tibet be given independence. They also demanded that Taiwan must be liberated. The gathering was arranged by the American Indian Public Affairs Committee. President of the organization Jagdish Sehwani was present at the protest rally.

The demonstrators at Times Square in the New York City described the three leaders – US President Donald Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as world leaders and urging them to come closer.

Criticizing China, Jagdish Sehwani said, “The way they are treating their own people in Hong Kong, the day-to-day oppression of the peace-loving people of Tibet, the way Muslims living in China are constantly disturbed in the area, is unacceptable. They must be boycotted. We have to get rid of their products.”

The anti-China protest has a great impact on the world economy as it has already been started in India which is also a big market for manufacturers. The United States has already been severely affected by the made-in-China virus, and as a result of that President Donald Trump has declared to reject the special status of Hong Kong in the field of education there. This anti-China protest in the US will act like adding fuel to the fire.

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