Impact of Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) on December 26, 2019

Impact of Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) on December 26, 2019

Impact of Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. Image Courtesy – Republic World.

This solar eclipse is having massive importance as seven planets are located in Sagittarius along with the same Ascendant on December 26, 2019, which happened after 4461 BC + 2019 = 6480 years.

Generally speaking, before and after 45 days of eclipse, various situations like Natural Calamities, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanoes Eruption, epidemic diseases, accident by air, train, bus, car and ship, attack by neighbour, loss of life, loss of animals, many unnatural death, severe loss take place.

Ascendant & Moonsign – Sagittarius

Purvashada Constellation

Amavasya, Debarigan, Thursday

Latitude – 22o-30’

Longitude – 88o-24’

Ayanamsa – 24o-07’

Vimsottari major period of Venus

Own house – Jupiter, Mars

Exalted – Rahu-KetuRajyoga – Budhaditya Yoga, Jiva Yoga, Gurusouri Yoga


While analyzing the zodiac, we find that eclipse commences at 8 am – maximum eclipse at 10:48 am, the eclipse ends at 1:36 pm. Eclipse was visible in India, Middle East, northeast Africa, northeast Russia, Asia, north-west Australia and solemn Islands.

As a result, natural calamities will take place. Throughout the globe, the economy will be affected and adverse effects will take place in the world share market – NBFC, insurance, petrol-diesel, gold & silver, cost of potato, onion & other vegetables will hike.

Administration will be affected. Political scenario implementing new law will not be liked by people. A monk will appear for the welfare of the globe. Disastrous condition around the world will take place which will be a matter of concern.

Affected public will protest against the government due to sudden closure for indefinite period throughout the world, the increased ratio of poverty, unnatural unemployed, demarcation of pernicious disease, increase of cooking oil, torture on women, want of food, scarcity of water will increase. Central govt. in India implementing new rules in different issues will not be suitable to the public. Public is getting harassed due to the unusual increase in premium of insurance policies to meet the payment especially in case of senior citizens.

Enclosed are the photographs of the published article in Jyotish Siddhanta (Bengali monthly magazine) published in January 2020 from Kolkata.


That was the picture of Jyotish Siddhanta, the reputed Bengali monthly magazine cover published on January 2020 from Kolkata.

The economy of the country will be at stake due to increasing non-performing asset in case of corporate loans and advances. The recent implementation of the transaction charges in bank, the public is paying more charges instead of getting benefits. Due to sudden closure of bank branches and merger of many banks, the public will be in trouble to maintain families in the long run. Like the Govt., the banking industry is pensions are not reviewed since last three decades which are kept pending in every settlement agreement time. Retired person’s medical facilities are waived due to merger which should not be done as per Govt. ‘merger policy’. It would be a tough task for the administration to manage the economic strength where the middle class and poor people are neglected. Customer of the bank and the public are facing economic crisis even for getting small notes in the market. Share market will be severely affected.

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Due to recent coronavirus breakout, millions of people will die for which the government has taken the right step for locking down in own premises. I have already told in the month of November 2019 that, due to solar eclipse, the natural calamities in the world will be disastrous at least up to the end of June 2020, which will take time for normalcy by September 2020.

Countries will be affected are China, Europe, USA, England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Belgium, Lithuania, Morocco, Wales, Iceland, Tunisia, Macedonia, Romania, Sicily, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Chili, Africa, Spain, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, North Marine Island, Guam etc. In these countries business, civil unrest, economic debacle, natural calamities, death due to disease, fire, plane crash, sinking ship, political unrest, especially in India, sweet relationship with centre & states will be disrupted due to return of person from one state to another for which the disease will spread rapidly in geometrical proportion. Korea administration will be affected. Due to total lockdown of communication, the country will be able to check the disease.

Our state government and Central Government have taken the right measure at the right time to save the lives of citizens. Police and medical team with government personnel have taken all sorts of steps to fight the war-like situation. It is better to remain inside the home. Car driving and outside movements should be restricted. During the unfortunate situation, everyone has apprised the Government for doing mankind to distressed people and affected patients by providing medical assistance, food and shelter.

Take care of yourself and stay home to prevent Corona.

Prof. Dr. Tapomay Ghosh Hajra

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