Impact of Application Programming Interface on Travel Business

Impact of Application Programming Interface on Travel Business

Impact of Application Programming Interface on Travel Business. Image Courtesy –

In modern days, especially in the travel industry, customer engagement, as well as customer loyalty, are becoming dependent on the personalized experiences that the brands can deliver. Travel agencies must make sure that they are getting the right content into their system, so that they can meet the demands of modern travellers. They will be able to provide their customers the right offers in the most convenient way likewise. This is where XML/API integration comes into the picture. API is the acronym for ‘Application Programming Interface’.

API integration can change the way of business for online travel agents:

Travel agencies will get a competitive advantage by integrating API into their system. It will remove the technology barriers fuelling greater traveller choice, whether a customer is searching for a hotel room, low-cost flight or car rental. Travel agencies can expand their reach to a section of global mobile-using travellers with APIs. Also, they will be able to provide their customers with more convenient and easier access to relevant, rich and valuable content.

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API integration provides travel agencies with huge quantities of data, which let them have an insight into the changing needs of their customers. There are many travel solution providing companies that integrate some of the top GDS (Global Distribution System). They can even integrate the famous GDS API like Galileo into travel website.

Richer content, accelerated intelligence, enhanced performance and greater travel choice equal to higher conversion for travel agencies. Compared to other industries, the travel industry has been slower to adapt to this business model. This indicates that in order to maximize the value that an API platform approach can offer, there are major opportunities for online travel brands. They can even go for an API integration like Galileo to increase their revenue.

APIs offer greater performance, intelligence and experience. These APIs are providing the brands with the ability to give modern travellers customer-centric-experiences that they now expect. According to experts, API integration is the future of the travel business. If you own an online travel business and want to grow your business in ways that were never possible before, go for API integration. Its positive effects will start to come in a very short span of time.

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