Hurricane Harvey headed to Texas

Hurricane Harvey headed to Texas

Hurricane Harvey headed to Texas. Image Courtesy – ABCNews

A tropical storm crashed on Texas on 26th August 2017, destroying plenty of homes and business houses. More than 3 lakhs of people have been cut-off from the normal flow of life with a detachment of power supply. This has been huge a ‘life-threatening flooding’ in recent times.

Officials reported that the Hurricane Harvey decreased its speed and formed to this tropical storm. Speed of the wind decreased to 70 miles per hour on Saturday. Centre of the storm was around 60 miles south-east of San Antonio, USA. The National Hurricane Centre of USA predicted an estimated rainfall of 15-30 inches around the coast of Texas with 40 inches of rainfall in some places.

One person is reported dead in the storm in Rockport, Texas on a Saturday afternoon according to the news of the ‘New York Times’. Rockport area of Texas faced tremendous damage with power supply failure, collapsed buildings. Some cars were lifted off the street. The disaster management team has not yet calculated the total damage caused by the storm.

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President Donald Trump told that he had been monitoring the hurricane from Camp David. He also told that the City, State and Federal administrations were jointly working together. He declared federal aid for the recovery of the damages.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott requested the people of Texas to stay isolated from floodwater because it could be dangerous.

Federal Emergency Management Agency suggested people to use ‘FEMA app’ or to leave a message to 4FEMA(43362) with the word ‘SHELTER’ and their zip code.

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