Grizzly bear attacked and partially consumed a hiker

Grizzly bear attacked and partially consumed a hiker

A Montana hiker in Yellowstone National Park has been killed by a brown bear last week. Image Courtesy –

A Montana hiker in Yellowstone National Park has been killed by a grizzly bear last week. The park officials stated that the bear was being killed painlessly by the officials after assessment of the incident. The name of the person was Lance Crosby, with 63 years of age. A DNA analysis was done of bear hair which was found beside Lance Crosby’s dead body. It revealed that the person’s death was occurred due to the fatal attack of the bear.

The National Park Service reported that Crosby’s body was found around twelve last Friday, more or less a large portion of a mile from the Elephant Back Loop Trail in a well known off-trail range in the Lake Village territory of the Yellowstone National Park.

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Crosby was a regular employee at Medcor. The organization operates three ‘urgent care clinic’ in the Yellowstone National Park. He had been living and working there for five seasons and was an ‘experienced hiker’.

Two young cubs were also being captured with the bear. They would be sent to a facility place of The Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The ‘grizzly bear’ was caught by the park officials utilizing a bear trap. They told that it did not seem that the bear was trying to defend her cubs. Some large portion of Crosby’s body was consumed by the bear and it had the intention to eat him further. In a normal defensive attack, if the female bear would have tried to defend her cubs, it would not consume the victim’s body. So the park officials took the crucial decision to euthanize the bear after confirming all evidences.

Dan Wenk, the Park Superintendent told that they balance preservation of park resources and public safety simultaneously. He articulated that their goal is to continue effectiveness of the bear management program. They look toward the total grizzly bear population, rather than a single bear. The last deadly bear attack was held at Yellowstone park in the year 2011 when two people were killed in two different incidents.

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