From railway platform to Bollywood playback singing – Ranu Mondal crosses barrier of age

From railway platform to Bollywood playback singing – Ranu Mondal crosses barrier of age. Image Courtesy –

Ranu Maria Mondal used to sing at railway station after the death of her husband Babul Mondal. Her fate changed suddenly at the age of 59 years after one of her videos went viral.

She was born on 5th November, 1960 at Ranaghat, West Bengal, in a poor Christian family. Ranu lived only by singing songs at Ranaghat station in West Bengal. She was also seen singing by many people but most of the time people ignored her. Ranu used to sing old songs.

One day, Ranu was singing a song, when Atindra Chakraborty was present there in a tea stall with some of his friends. The melody of her song touched Atindra and he made a video instantly with his mobile phone. He and his friends also offered her some food and water and spent an hour with Ranu Mondal.

Ranu Mondal records song with Himesh Reshammiya – from zero position to bollywood playback singing – made history. Image Courtesy –

Atindra shared this video with his Facebook account after 2 days and the video went viral. Everyone knows what happened after. In her viral video, she is singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song “Ek Pyar Ka Nagma hai…” from a 1972 film. Atindra was also in the studio when Ranu was recording the song for Himesh Reshammiya.

Atindra Chakraborty himself could not believe how one of his videos changed a woman’s life. Atindra thanked Himesh Reshammiya for giving Ranu a chance. After the publishing the video, Atindra has been constantly in touch with Ranu. Atindra is a software engineer by profession and lives at Ranaghat.

Himesh Reshammiya’s next film is Happy Hardy and Heer, and Ranu Mandal has sung a song in this film called “Teri Meri Kahani”. Himesh Reshammiya shared a video in which Ranu is recording in the studio. Himesh is seen standing by herself and guiding her. This video has become viral too.

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Ranu Mandal is an example of how social media changes the life of a common woman overnight. With her voice, Ranu made the users her fan on the internet. As a result, she has emerged as an ‘Internet Star’. Ranu’s song has also reached to the Bollywood stars.

We can call it blessings of luck – a few days ago, Ranu Mandal was longed for breads of two times. A passenger made Ranu’s video viral on social media and her bad days were over. Ranu has been given a singing break by Himesh Reshammiya in his film. She has got an amount of around 6 – 7 lakhs for singing the song. Initially, she was reluctant to accept the money. But, Himesh at last convinced her to accept the fee.

Ranu has got name and fame today. Due to this blessing of luck, Ranu’s daughter has also returned after 10 years. The video of Ranu singing with her daughter Sati has gone viral. Sati Roy is divorced. Sati has a son. She is currently running a grocery shop. Now, people may be taunting Sati that she has returned to her mother only because of wealth and fame, but Atindra had denied this in one of his posts. Atindra wrote in Bengali – “Today I am really happy, only God knows why I am happy; money is not a big deal in life. Ranu is getting her daughter back today due to a video shoot by me.”

We are proud of Ranu Mondal. She is a pride of Kolkata and India. We would like to congratulate her for her passion for music.

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