First 100 days of Narendra Modi Government after elected by huge people’s mandate

First 100 days of Narendra Modi Government after elected by huge people’s mandate

A huge people’s mandate elected Bharatiya Janata Party as ruling party with absolute majority in Indian cabinet and Mr. Narendra Bhai Modi as a captain of it, completed 100 days. Some of the major decisions taken by him as follows:

1. Black money of Rs.50,000 crore which was being stored safely in a secret place could be found out with the help of a panel created.

2. One decision-making panel is set instead of 62 panels of the previous government called GOM and EGOM.

3. A Think Tank is created instead of 50 years old, non-upgraded Planning Commission.

4. Commission consists of Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India kept instead of Internal System of appointing to the higher judiciary.

5. Juvenile Justice Board has been empowered to judge juvenile over 16 years linked to crimes like rape.

6. “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana” launched with Rs.100,000 insurance cover, 15 million bank accounts opened so far. Target is 75 million account holders up to August 2015.

7. Government has planned to balance deficient producing regions with surplus producing regions with the help of National Food Grid.

8. Maintaining good relations with Asian Nations like Bhutan, Nepal, Japan, China etc. is emphasized in government’s policy.

9. One tough decision is taken cancelling foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan on 25th August after Abdul Basit, Pakistan High Commissioner invited Kashmiri separatists for dialogue.

10. Rise in Gas price sustained for three months, further discussion will be held on this sensitive issue before the final decision.

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